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Pricefx Partner - SaM Solutions

SaM Solutions

Welcome to SaM Solutions to get the most out of digital transformation that relies on high-end talents and technology excellence! For 25 years, we have been providing first-grade digital experiences to help SMEs and large enterprises get the most out of digital transformation. With 1000+ projects under our belt, we provide up-to-date digital experiences that combine advanced technology, uncompromised quality and quick time-to-market. We focus on software engineering, IoT development, the creation of mobile apps, content management systems and eCommerce solutions. In our work, we apply efficient technologies and techniques, among which are agile and cloud-based development, DevOps and machine learning. We have been creating IT solutions for companies from all over the world, while focusing on businesses that operate in the DACH region, the US and the UK. Currently, we work with more than 70 customers. Our domain-specific expertise encompasses the manufacturing sector, banking and finance, real estate, insurance, intellectual property, healthcare, retail, logistics and transportation and many others. We rely our technology excellence on best talents while ceaselessly investing in skill development and know-how to provide efficient solutions that add value to businesses. Our company has more than 600 employees in its offices and delivery centers spread across Western and Eastern Europe and in the US. The headquarters are in Munich, Germany.

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