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Pricing is a top lever for achieving profitable growth. Use powerful machine learning and AI-based tools to help you optimize your pricing, leading to improved market share, increased sales and better profitability.
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Monitor Your Market and Optimize Prices in Real-Time

Making pricing central to your business strategies is crucial to future-proofing your company’s leading position in the market. 

Our price management software allows data from one system to flow to another, even from multiple sources. The easier flow of data will give you the deep insights you need to make better and faster decisions. Backed by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) with a “clear box” approach, you can now confidently outline pricing strategies that your sales teams and the C-suite can get behind.

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Your Price Management Toolbox for Success

A holistic approach to pricing that enables you to analyze your data, uncover profit drivers and turn them into effective pricing strategies.

Increase Business Agility

Drive Profitable Growth

Reduce Effort and Risk

Plan proactively and reach your pricing goals and objectives faster

  • Use powerful analytics to reveal your profit drivers for every transaction, product, salesperson and customer
  • Define segment-specific target price setting and guardrails, powered by intelligent, transparent AI-based optimization
  • Manage your price lists with ease and execute mass pricing updates across customer segments, product categories or regions
  • Utilize dynamic pricing (parameters-based repricing, variable price contracts, etc.) and “what-if” simulations before implementing
  • Get a single source of truth for net margin, competition and contract pricing
  • Close more deals by being able to respond more quickly to quotes

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Discover the benefits and profits of implementing a successful data-driven pricing strategy with Pricefx.
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“Even in the midst of a pandemic and work-from-home orders, the Price FX Lightning approach delivered functionality which was up and running in less than six weeks."

Laurie Flowers
Director of Pricing

“Even in the midst of a pandemic and work-from-home orders, the Price FX Lightning approach delivered functionality which was up and running in less than six weeks."

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Laurie Flowers
Director of Pricing

Your 360° Suite of Pricing Tools

Turn data into actionable insights that drive your competitive pricing strategy.

PLAN using advanced analytics with data from all your systems

PRICE using AI-optimized price management solutions

PROFIT with AI-optimized quoting and quote configuration

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Profitable Growth in 3 Simple Steps

Your pricing strategies can only go so far without a solution that allows you to scale, automate and optimize in real-time. Follow the steps below to grow and become profitable.

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