Price setting

A Single Platform to Manage Your Prices. 

Manage differentiated and complex pricing policies at scale, fully driven by informed pricing decisions supporting company objectives

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Key Features


Variety of pricing strategies

  • Calculate product prices based on various price strategies (e. g. costs+, avg. competition, etc.) or utilize predefined price strategies.


  • Visually create your pricing strategies.

Granular and differentiated pricing

Differentiate, organize, and calculate price lists across various product groups, and customer segments. or regions  to capture their specifics and maximize your value

Complex price lists hierarchies

Maintain a large set of local price lists through the only global price list and define local price adjustments.

Pricing updates automation

Dynamically recalculate prices to react immediately to cost changes, developing demand, or competitive pricing moves.

Visibility through analytics

Get KPIs for every product with historical, current, and forecasted views. 


Informed pricing decisions

Simulate price changes before they are applied to the market to assess the potential business impact ahead.

Fast approval workflows

Keep pricing updates under control while leveraging the speed of workflow automation. Plus, you can create and define the approval rules visually. 

Integration with other IT systems

Share resulting pricing with your other IT systems (ERP, CRM etc.), wherever you need them

More than just managing prices

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.

Pricefx customers have seen a margin lift of 

Our Customers

More than 200 companies trust us and most of them have implemented our Price Setting capability

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