Be Sure that Your Pricing Strategy is the Right One.

Within any competitive landscape, partnering with Pricefx will provide you up-to-the-minute data and insights to ensure your B2C or B2B pricing strategy flourishes.
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Signs that Your Company Should Evaluate its Pricing Strategy.

Though you’re not limited to these, there are four distinct areas that can help indicate that your strategy could use a reset. You can perform a quick strategy test now. Scroll through the following challenges; if you’re currently experiencing one or more, it may be time for a chat.

Lack of symmetry

Reliance on Excel

Inefficient processes

Inability to measure KPIs

Lack of strategic symmetry across divisions.

For larger companies that have multiple groups working in isolation, it’s critical that you remain on the same strategic page. Not doing so could escalate company-wide inefficiencies that may lead to margin leak.
If you have different sets of data across many divisions, find out how you can prepare for a seamless pricing software implementation.

Recognizing Strategic Areas for Growth.

We’ve noted the challenges you may be having, but it’s also key to look at the positive side of the coin. Engaging with Pricefx can help bring to light exciting new opportunities for your company and identify them within your strategy. These can include:

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  • Aligning your online and offline pricing;
  • Ensuring your prices are in line with the competition;
  • Increasing pricing symmetry across multiple groups/divisions; and
  • Segmenting your customers based on their attributes (e.g., size, purchase history, sales potential, etc.).

Discover what a major retail company was able to achieve once it joined forces with Pricefx.

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What a Profitable Pricing Strategy could bring.

What’s the next step? First, try out our Margin Lift calculator to discover the impact pricing software, combined with the right strategy, can have on your company. What kind of ROI could you be seeing? Well, it’s time to find out.

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Getting to Know Pricefx.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Pricefx pricing software can be implemented is as quickly as 6 weeks and your business could be seeing ROI in as little as 6 months. Find out how by watching this short video.

Hear about Companies that have Partnered with Pricefx.

Below, you can read case studies about organizations who were challenged with their pricing strategy and how working with Pricefx has optimized how they work.

“We have decided to switch from a first-generation price optimization provider to Pricefx because of its flexibility, responsiveness and implementation speed.”

Jose Redondo,
Global Pricing Excellence Leader, Owens-Illinois

Selecting the right pricing plan.

Now, you may have a few questions about finding the pricing software that fits your goals. Browse through the resources below to get a sense of where to start and what it’ll cost.

Pricing Analytics Made Simple.

One of the featured products in the Plan Package allows you to analyze every aspect of your pricing strategy to improve your margins, win rates and more. Want to learn more? Now’s the perfect time to chat with a Pricefx expert. 

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