Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights is a new Pricefx feature that allows users to identify business opportunities and risks proactively, set actions, and assign them to the right person adequately. 

It’s available as standard, through a rapid deployment accelerator.

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Key Differentiators (or attributes)

In Figures

400% Improvement

In time from identifying an opportunity to taking meaningful action

1.5% Margin Uplift

Time to action = time to value. Reducing errors and speeding up decision making improves the bottom line

benefit 4

A short description of the benefit.

70% Reduction in errors

Reduction in manual reporting ensures that mistakes are minimized and greatly reduced

How to Benefit
Analytical Teams are able to automate monitoring of key analytics, allowing them to focus on ensuring that pro-active action is taken by the right person
Analytics Teams
Business users have actions assigned to them, with key metrics, details of what actions are required and an auditable workflow through to completion
Business Users
Reduced time to action allows executives to focus on fine-tuning opportunities, reducing risks and understanding gaps before they impact the bottom line

Actionable Insights for Distributors

Learn more about how Actionable Insights works to enable better performances across a range of different Distributor Scenarios

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