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Sales Compensation

Enhance Your Profitability with Effective Sales Compensation

Available June 26th, 2022, with Hurricane 9.0 release.

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Sales Compensation by Pricefx

A solution that allows administrators to manage sales compensation plans effectively, helps sales professionals attain quota by making it visible in real-time, and reduces compensation overpayments. 

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How to Make Sales Compensation More Effective with Pricefx


In this webinar, we will share: 

  • 4 tips on how to make your sales compensation more effective
  • Why Pricefx launched a Sales Compensation capability
  • Short demo of the new capability
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Solve Critical Challenges

Whether you're a sales administrator, a finance professional, a sales leader, or an HR professional, resolving critical challenges in your sales compensation activation can provide profit advantages.

Why are Sales Performance Solutions top of mind


Based on the Gartner® Market Guide for Sales Performance Management, Melissa Hilbert, 8 March 2021: 

How to make your compensation plans more effective?

In this video, Billy Graham our Chief Product Officer shares a few insights as to what makes sales compensation plans more effective for large organizations. 

Key benefits




Operations are responsible for the setup, management, and execution of compensation plans. 

With Sales Compensation, they can:

  • Simplify compensations planning, setup, and execution
  • Handle any enquiries and/or disputes effectively
  • Reduce time spent on payouts
  • Reduce errors and overpayments

Key Features

Define compensation plans

Choose your seller or seller group, involved products, and/or customers, and select your preferred compensation type from pre-defined or custom ones. Simulate expected results.

Approve and communicate compensation agreements

Approve agreements through approval workflows. Export final agreements and communicate them by email or messages on Pricefx.  

Make compensations visible

Calculate compensation in real-time and make them visible to sales agents in Quotes. Drive sales results and avoid any doubts on compensation amount in every situation.

Keep track of agreements

Whether you're a sales leader or sales agent, you can keep track of your compensation agreements payouts. You can also view the performance of your agreement over time on a dashboard.

Manage disputes and other enquiries

Handle individual inquiries related to compensation amounts and apply possible adjustments. Keep track of all changes for auditing purposes. 

Payout compensations automatically

Accruals and pay-outs can be done on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, yearly) and can be fully integrated with third party systems. 

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