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Sales Compensation

Connecting Pricing to Sales like never before.

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Drive Profitable Sales Efforts Through Commissions Visibility

Pricefx's Sales Compensation capability gives sales representatives full visibility on their commission when creating a quote, resulting in better pricing decisions and increased revenue for the company. 

How can Sales Compensation help your organization?

Key Features

Discover some of the features that our Sales Compensation capability offers

Drive Profitable Sales Efforts

Manage Sophisticated Plans

Handle Adjustments

Making commissions visible at the quote level

Sales reps can see their commission while creating a quote and increase the size of their deal by: 

  • Using the Negotiation Guidance provided by Pricefx and choosing a higher price
  • Adding complementary products to the existing quote 
  • Choosing more profitable products than the ones initially chosen

Sales Compensation in Action

Watch this short demo of Sales Compensation to see how it works and how it's connected to our Quoting and Optimization capability. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need Sales Compensation?
How does it connect with the rest of the Pricefx capabilities?
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Are there any prerequisites to use Sales Compensation?
How long does the implementation take?
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How to make your compensation plans more effective?

In this video, Billy Graham, Chief Product Officer at Pricefx, shares a few insights as to what makes sales compensation plans more effective for large organizations.