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Frequently Asked Questions

Integrating your pricing into your current business systems comes with lots of questions. Here are all the answers to those questions on how Pricefx integrates natively into your SAP Software to centralize and streamline your pricing globally.

What is Pricefx's Endorsed app?
How does Pricefx's technology work with SAP?
How does the Pricefx platform integrate with SAP solutions?
What is the implementation timeline?
What IT resources are needed to implement Pricefx?
What types of businesses can benefit from Pricefx?
Is there a difference between Cloud-native and Cloud-hosted/based?

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Accelerate Profitability

Pricefx is an end-to-end, cloud-native platform supporting the entire pricing journey, from setting optimal prices and managing the rebate process to maximizing your organization’s pricing power. 

In addition to strong open platform integration capabilities, Pricefx comes with a pre-built, certified integration with SAP software thus simplifying everyday use to further enhance the customer experience.

Impact of Optimal Pricing

The quickest way to maximize profits and unlock margin growth is by getting pricing right. 

Benefits of Optimal Pricing

A transparent approach to pricing enabling you to analyze your data, uncover profit drivers, and turn them into effective pricing strategies across your value chain.

Increase business agility to respond faster to changing markets. Imagine being able to “listen and adapt” to changing business conditions, execute pricing and rebate strategies across channels, and dynamically adjust them to maximize profits and capture them on the fly.

Reduce effort and risk across your organization by automating manual, error-prone processes, freeing up your employees from operational tasks to focus on more strategic pricing initiatives.

Accelerate profitable growth so you can shift more focus to the market, including activities such as analyzing buying habits, fine tuning customer segmentations and quickly responding to market changes that influence cost and margin.

Embark on a Digital Transformation

Here are a few resources that will help guide you on your road to pricing excellence with Pricefx & SAP. 

Industry Pricing Solutions

While effective price management and execution are fundamental drivers of high-performing companies, most firms across industries sorely need to optimize pricing.