Ship & Debit: Optimize Claims Processes for Success [On-demand WEBINAR]

February 26, 2020

Get on the Path to Claims Management Success


ChannelManager is an innovative new product, brought to you by Pricefx, that gives you the ability to automate and validate claims management in any industry and country. Find out how you can use this tool to help you to be even more successful in your ship & debit processes with host, Garth Hoff, Global Director Solution Strategy at Pricefx.

In this webinar, you will learn about how ChannelManager helps users to:

– navigate the ship & debit process
– create a uniform approval workflow
– improve cost-reducing efficiency
– integrate with other products and software for adaptable management claims
– validate claims with proof
– reduce miscalculations
– simplify processes and more

Sit down and get comfortable as Garth walks you through how ChannelManager can help you to optimize your claims processes.



Garth Hoff / Principal Pricing Solution Engineer


Garth Hoff, Pricefx, is an over 15-year veteran of the pricing industry.

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