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The Future of Pricing Software

Affordable, Flexible and Easy to Activate. It’s About Time!

Many B2B and B2C companies already benefit greatly from our services

Simplicity, speed and commercial
fairness is in our DNA

True SaaS – instant launch

Scalable hosted platform and ultra-modern
technology allowing an instant launch of the
application and immediate start of the implementation

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Free trial, no upfront investments

Keep the risk down to a minimum through getting to
know the solution first and being sure that it does what
you expect it should do, before making any decisions.

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Broad functionality pricing and CPQ

Full functionality price management suite,
which expanded into CPQ domain based
on “real” customer requirements

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Quick, agile implementation

Start with the solution and not with the paper based
fantasy, see what works and what doesn’t, walk before
running, get traction and deliver value quickly and sustainably

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No long-term commitments,
no agreements, simple T&Cs

Winning and keeping customers long-term through
satisfaction and resulting loyalty, not through the ink
on the paper, defines our business model and
everything we do

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Our Principles

Price f(x) thrives on 5 basic principles


Instant launch, quick implementation, immediate reaction.Quick return on fair investment.


Easy to deploy and use, complete solution.Simple and easy to deal with company.


Fits any industry, size of business, complexity and specific requirements. Can be changed at any point in time.


Unique functional and commercial flexibility.UI configurability and nothing carved in stone.


Our work makes us feel alive and we share this passion with you.

Price f(x) Products

Price f(x) currently offers five functional and one integration module:


Gain transparency and provide support to all types of price related optimizations based on a broad set of relevant analytical functionality to identify margin and/or price opportunities.

Modern architecture, unmatched speed and flexibility in data structure definition, seamless integration with the rest of the Price f(x) suite.


Analyze and segment your business, optimize your product portfolio and improve pricing.

PriceOptimizer performs data profiling and generates segment-specific optimized pricing and price guidance and delivers it to price lists, CPQ, Digital Commerce and ERP systems.


Define your price policy and guidelines for pricelist and deal negotiations, calculate and simulate all kinds of product gross, special and net prices including algorithmic optimization and rule based or manual approval of price calculation results.


Set and manage special on-invoice conditions of any complexity such as discounts, promotions, campaigns, all kinds of special price conditions and net prices.


Enable your sales and back office teams with flexible quote configuration (CPQ), calculation and simulation capability for a quick and error free response to price inquiry or creation of quotes of any complexity.


Efficiently handle the entire rebate management process from the definition throughout the ongoing management, simulation, calculation, approval and initiation of the payments of all off-invoice conditions of any complexity, such as rebates, bonuses, kickbacks, credits etc.

Create the full transparency about the profitability along the entire price waterfall.


Connect to any system enabling bidirectional exchange of master and transactional data as well as all calculated and approved price, contract and rebate records. Schedule and execute integration and calculation events.

Global presence – global support – 24/7

We serve customers in over 50 countries and have offices in the US, Europe and Australia

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What our customers say

We are on the very same wave. Price f(x) knows very well what we need and how we approach our business

Dirk Mouchaers

Alfred Kärcher

From day one there was continuous support from Price f(x). Based on their experience, they figured out solutions to our problems and helped improve our pricing processes

Robert Lehmann

Hella Pagid

What we like the most about Price f(x) is the fact that they are always reliable on any given deadline

Markus Heuser

Saturn Online

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