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Month: January 2019

Introducing El Presidente, the Hottest Pricing Release North of the Equator.


If you happen to live in the northern hemisphere and are already dreading the snow and rain, then come and join us on a trip to a Caribbean pricing paradise. El Presidente is serving his favorite cocktail: white rum, orange curaçao, dry vermouth, and grenadine. Sounds tempting? Then you must be ready for our next release – version 3.6 of El Presidente on March 2. Here is a first look of the highlights from the release.

  • Greater flexibility with Quotes – With El Presidente, you will be able to define several types of Quotes and each type can have its own approval workflow and header logic assigned to it. This gives you much better support with quoting – you can reflect the different needs of various business units or better accommodate distinct conditions that apply to individual quotes. Such a concept is also much easier to maintain, as the logics are separated and there is no need to handle each scenario through exceptions and conditions.
  • Faster and more targeted approvals
    • When approving from an email, you can perform the Approve/Deny action and add a comment directly (which is then stored on the server).
    • In addition to the ‘denial reasons’ functionality, we have come up with a broader and more flexible concept; comments for both the Approve/Deny actions can be made mandatory. (Denial reasons need to be specified beforehand, whereas comments are always free form and valid for both actions)
    • In Document Creation Workflows you can now notify any user of your choice, not just those involved in the workflow. It is done through the ‘Add watcher’ functionality, known from the regular approval workflow.
  • Other improvements to make your life easier
    • An Excel file can be used now as an entry input in Quotes, Agreements, and Contracts. You simply upload the file and the application can parse and use the data for calculations or other operations.
    • You will be able to have multiple Price Parameters open concurrently, each in its own tab. This is useful when you have to work with data from more than one Price Parameter table simultaneously.
    • Mass edit/delete function is now applied consistently in this manner:
      • to either all items in the table (if no filter is set up or no item selected)
      • or only to the displayed filtered items (if a filter is set up)
      • or only to the items that the user has manually selected (if there is at least one item selected).

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