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...The pricing platform is very powerful, web-based and allows almost everything which is required by our customers. Enrico Karg / Head of Customer Journey Driving Project / EVENTIM
...We liked Pricefx a lot, like really a lot. They were very flexible.​ Thomas Verly / Head of Global Sales Processes & Head of Americas IT / EagleBurgmann
...Analysis that before required a lot of manual work can now be done in a second or at the push of a button. Diana Heppeler / Product Manager / INEOS Styrolution
...We have a very clear vision of what we can do to drive profit lift through pricing and how Pricefx fits in as the enabling technology. Brian Sharp / Global Commercial Strategy and Execution Leader / Sonoco
...We decided to switch from a first-generation price optimization provider to Pricefx in 2018 because of its flexibility, responsiveness and implementation speed. Jose Redondo / Global Pricing & EU Commercial Analytics Director / Owens-Illinois
...It’s not a black box, but a platform for putting our own Pricing logics in. This makes all the difference in the dealings with the wider business, especially Sales. Antti Kuusenmäki / Vice President Pricing & Analytics / RS Components
...The difference between Pricefx and all the others is that we can implement our own pricing strategy in one software tool. Marcus Heuser / Executive Director / Saturn Online
...Not every company can offer customized solutions and fast. Nicola Scirocco / Global Pricing Manager / Prysmian
...It took 3 months for Pricefx to configure the logic in our system. Thomas Verly / Head of Global Sales Processes & Head of Americas IT / EagleBurgmann

Better Inform Your Strategy


A Truck, Tree and Prevention View

There might be vulnerabilities in your pricing process. Learn how you can solve them by implementing the right changes to how you approach your people, processes and systems.

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Pricefx Is Proud to Be an SAP Gold Partner

Having a deep understanding of profit margins and being able to leverage those insights quickly into your promotion criteria, however complex, without affecting your bottom line are the keys to profitable discounting.

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Unlock the Potential of Better Deals with Informed Quoting

Being able to respond to quote requests with higher accuracy by drawing on pertinent and real-time account-based pricing information means shortening time to quote and closing more deals. Never leave your prospects to your rivals, give your salesforce the competitive edge and transform them into a deal-winning powerhouse.

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Pricefx is defining the future of pricing. Ready to join a collaborative culture overflowing with talented people? Then good thing you found us, because we have been looking for you.

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