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allows the definition and management of complex on-invoice conditions such as discounts, promotions, campaigns as well as all kinds of special price conditions and net prices, mainly in connection with the structures defined in the backend ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle etc.

Unrestricted number of contract types of any complexity can be
defined, maintained and made available for the execution of any
price logic providing basis for calculation of:
  • Special conditions on any level and product-customer combination (i.e. net prices, customer group discounts per product or product group etc.)
  • Periodical promotions (i.e. stock sellout, “pay 2 get 3” etc.)
  • Campaigns (i.e. market introduction, upsell campaigns etc.)

PromotionManager is dedicated to management of higher complexity discounts, promotions, campaigns as well as any kind of special price conditions and net prices. All of those “on-invoice” special conditions can be managed either on a very detailed, product-customer combination level (i.e. in case of net prices) or on a much higher, general level (i.e. general special discount per customer group for a part of or full product portfolio).
Also other special conditions such as timely limited campaigns and promotions can be defined, managed and monitored. Need for a tight connection with the structures of on-invoice conditions defined in the backend system, would be a reason for the utilization of PromotionManager.

What can you do with PromotionManager?

  • Define and maintain complex, special conditions at various customer and/or product hierarchy levels
  • Launch and monitor price promotions and campaigns
  • Manage net prices
  • Mimic the backend structures of on-invoice special conditions while allowing more flexible and agile management of calculation schemas and dependencies

For whom is it?

PromotionManager is the right tool for:

  • Marketing and pricing management
  • Product specialist and management
  • Sales management
  • Sales back office

What’s included?

UI configuration editor, Price f(x) MS-Excel-Client, data loader, scheduling, multi-currency, multi-unit of measure, flexible framework for definition of all types of condition types and contracts, workflow, dashboards, user roles and entitlements, hosted SaaS incl. all hardware, maintenance and 3rd level support, scalability.

Available only in connection with the PriceBuilder!

How does it Work?


Quick analysis of current or envisioned special condition framework including all required price attributes and parameters followed by the setup of the library of all condition types and contracts on basis of that library (all supported by an UI editor). Incremental load of all relevant data (initially manually via Price f(x) MS-Excel-Client or data loader). Test of calculation results followed by the optimization and enhancement of the calculation schema, condition types and contracts. Definition and setup of approval workflows for special conditions.


Fast, intuitive and self-sufficient definition, maintenance and execution of special on-invoice conditions.


periodical review and adjustments of the condition type library, addition of new condition types, creation of new contracts and adjustment of existing special condition framework, execution of campaigns and promotions, transfer of conditions records to backend system, monitoring of campaigns and promotions.

How I can try PromotionManager?

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to guide you through your first Price f(x) experience.


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Advantages versus Competitors

  • Pure SaaS model with instant launch and ultra-quick enablement
  • All configurations are done via the UI with limited technical skills required
  • Flexible architecture allowing quick changes and updates at any time
  • Unmatched speed of implementation based on flexible architecture and fast-track agile implementation methodology
  • Meta level MS-Excel integration through Price f(x) native MS-Excel-Client

Why our clients love PromotionManager?

  • Ability to manage high level of contract complexity
  • Flexibility and ease to change, add or modify at any point of time
  • Fast implementation and time to value

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