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Pricing typically requires the collection, modification, enrichment and harmonization of data from various and mostly very heterogeneous systems and data sources, which can have incompatible interfaces and formats. Results of price calculations of any types and purposes (price conditions records) need to be transported back to and updated in multiple order execution and billing systems. To achieve this, the Price f(x) IntegrationManager provides seamless, automated and bi-directional connection with almost any system and offers mapping functionalities as well as scheduled integration of business logic.

What can you do with IntegrationManager?

  • Connect with the entire Price f(x) suite using pre-build standard pre-build interfaces
  • Define and execute bi-directional data exchange (inbound and outbound) to any other source and target system
  • Enrich and transform data during the exchange process
  • Configure and execute custom interface logic
  • Trigger actions in Price f(x) and external systems

For whom is it?

IntegrationManager is the right tool for

  • IT and system integration teams

What’s included?

Configuration engine, real time or batch calls, events scheduler, easy to add new interfaces at any time, RFC, IDoc integration, web services, secure data transfer, auditable system, hosted SaaS incl. all hardware, maintenance and 3rd level support, scalability.

Available only in connection with any other Price f(x) module!

How does it Work?


IntegrationManager includes tens of ready-to-use connectors and components. Users can use predefined interfaces to cover common use cases or can easily define custom interfaces to be able to support specific requirements. Every part of IntegrationManager is fully configurable and extendable.


Bi-directional integration between Price f(x) and customer systems.


Define data mapping and data flow. Change configuration of IntegrationManager and interfaces, review statistics (number of messages, processing time, etc.) of each interface, define schedules and triggers, start automated execution, stop and reinitiate an interface manually at any time.

How can I try IntegrationManager?

Don’t hesitate and contact us.
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Advantages versus Competitors

  • Pure SaaS model with instant launch and ultra-quick enablement
  • Easiest way for setup of automated import of material, customer, competitor or transactional data into Price f(x)
  • Native integration with Price f(x) events (e.g. approval process for price records) in real time and automatic or scheduled triggering of customer’s system for further processing
  • Very fast response time due to short roundtrip times between IntegrationManager and Price f(x) backend
  • No installation efforts by the customer due to installation and initial set up by Price f(x)
  • Flexible architecture allowing quick changes and updates at any time
  • Unmatched speed of implementation based on flexible architecture and fast-track agile implementation methodology

Why our clients love IntegrationManager?

  • Native connection with the entire Price f(x) suite
  • Flexibility and speed of implementation

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