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provides a broad set of relevant analytical functionality to identify margin and/or price opportunities, increase transparency and support all types of price related optimizations.

PriceAnalyzer Architecture Seamless integration with the rest of the
Price f(x) suite fuels:
Its modern architecture allows unmatched speed and flexibility in data structure definition as well as methodic data cleansing, enrichment and load resulting in fast and almost borderless analytical abilities. No limits in regards to the number of waterfalls and comparisons, charts can be defined or modified with drag&drop, multiple datamarts can be accessed from one chart, data drives the drilldown dimensions and not predefined, inflexible customizations.
  • Price, discount and rebate optimization, simulation and calculation
  • Enterprise level simulations on the basis of current and optimized 
 pricing models
  • Inline-analytics during the quote configuration, simulation 
 and preparation for negotiations

With the provision of transactional data to the calculation and simulation of product prices and margins, PriceAnalyzer supports the definition and execution of the pricing strategy. In reverse direction it allows the analysis of actual and simulated pricing methods supporting the modeling of the enterprise performance and profitability. PriceAnalyzer also provides an easy and tight (meta level) integration with MS-Excel.

PriceAnalyzer currently offers the following analytical charts/reports:

  • Data table (mimicking the MS-Excel pivot table)
  • Scatter plot
  • Bubble chart
  • Line and bar chart
  • Pie chart
  • Time series
  • Price waterfall and comparison waterfall
  • Revenue and margin breakdown (causality) analysis
  • Histogram
  • Box plots
  • Heatmap
  • Dashboards

What can you do with PrizeAnalyzer?

  • Analyze data,
  • Identify pricing opportunities,
  • Segment business (products and / or customers regions etc.),
  • Calculate key performance indicators,
  • Increase transparency,
  • Track pricing actions (e.g. did price increase really increase profitability),
  • Help simulating and calculating new prices, etc.

For whom is it?

PriceAnalyzer is the right tool for:

  • Marketing and pricing management
  • Price and business analysts
  • Product specialist and management
  • Controlling and finance
  • Regional sales management

What’s included?

ETL process (Extract, Transform and Load), data cleansing and enrichment, multi-currency, multi-unit of measure, big data capability, reports, charts and dashboards per the above listing, hosted SaaS incl. all hardware, maintenance and 3rd level support, scalability.

Available stand alone and in connection with all other modules

How does it Work?


Quick definition of the data structure to portrait the data structures available within the organization followed by the definition of data sources and datamarts (data cubes for the analysis) with emphasis on the ability to define multiple datamarts(!). The data can be cleansed and enriched in a structured and methodological way with custom logic and calculations embedded in Price f(x). Lastly data are loaded via data feeds/loads, IntegrationManager or Price f(x) MS-Excel-Client.


Flexible and intuitive analytical framework executable at a fingertip.


Quick execution or modification and execution of predefined charts, intuitive definition of new analytical frameworks, saving as private and/or distribution (publication) of public charts and analysis, saving of user preferences

How can I try PriceAnalyzer?

Don’t hesitate and contact us.
Our representatives will be in touch with you shortly
to guide you through your first Price f(x) experience.


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Advantages versus competitive solutions

  • Pure SaaS model with instant launch and ultra-quick enablement
  • All configurations are done via the UI with no technical skills required
  • Flexible architecture allowing quick changes and updates at any time
  • Can be up and fully operational with a set of available transactional data in few hours
  • No definition of any hierarchies (e.g. customer or product) or drilldown dimensions required. Flexible hierarchies and dimensions are driven by the data.
  • Analysis of multiple datamarts within one report / chart – unlimited comparison analysis
  • Unlimited number of price waterfalls on product, customer, region, group etc. level
  • Unlimited elements in comparison charts (waterfall, bar charts etc.)
  • Easy copy-and-paste and drag-and-drop functionality for data source definition
  • Meta level MS-Excel integration through Price f(x) native MS-Excel-Client

Why our clients love PriceAnalyzer?

PriceAnalyzer provides a broad set of relevant analytical functionality to identify margin
and/or price opportunities, increase transparency and support all types of price related

  • Quick self-sufficiency of business user without dependencies on own IT departments or Price f(x)
  • Ultra-fast to implement and use
  • Performance
  • Flexibility in the definition, setup and any future change from initial requirement definition

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