Horror Stories in Pricing

Pricers Beware…

Gather round, you pricing mortals, for a pricing horror spectacular like no other. Take a journey into the future and discover what happens when we don’t pay attention to the lessons of today. Learn what follies our protagonists get up to so that you may heed the warnings told through their stories and never fall into the same pits of utter despair. Tales of pricing woe, indeed! 

What happens when arrogance meets disruption in the market?  Ryan has managed to build his multi-billion-dollar business from the ground up. But an old competitor with new strategies has plans to shake up the industry and implement pricing strategies that go against the status quo. Will Ryan rise to the occasion and snatch his company out of the depths of bankruptcy or will he dig his heels in even deeper to failure and watch his world come crashing down around his ears? 

All it takes is one mistake for you to feel a shuddering dampness creep up your spine and for the world and your life to be changed forever. At least, that’s what Simon Shift learns when, with the click of a button, he creates a loss on Black Friday that’s too big to ignore.  Now he must reap what he has sowed when his past doesn’t just come back to haunt him, it jumps up and down and screams at him in shrill terror. 

Jeff won’t let a little thing like sleep get in the way of pricing properly. Until of course he takes it one step too far and plummets to the pricing hell, hitting every poorly accounted-for decision on the way down. Follow him during this one morning of indulgence as he deals with the repercussions of pricing from the hip.  

Jackson is excited for his job at one of the largest parts operations in the galaxy. But he soon finds out that all that glitters is not gold. From humans who act more like machines to the slow realization that if he stays, he too might turn into a mindless drone. But is he too late? Have the machines really taken over from reason? Find out if you dare! 

Enter Through the Gate...

/ Follow our 4 protagonists as they navigate pricing in a dystopian world. Do the mistakes of today follow them into the future? Find out!

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