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While very few of us are sad to see 2020 in our rear-view mirrors, its effects on how we conduct business have left ripples that will be felt in 2021 and beyond. Our experts reveal key lessons, trends, and opportunities to take advantage of starting today.

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Price Optimization Software For The Future.
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Industry Leading Price Optimization, Management and Realization Software

/ Pricefx offers a full suite of SaaS solutions for pricing analytics, optimization, management and CPQ. Combine and configure your solution, and go live in a matter of weeks.

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The Industry’s Only 100% Cloud-Native Platform

/ Our platform lets our core product innovations, an expanding library of Accelerator Packages and IP, and a range of plug-and-play apps for leading ERP’s, to easily integrate with any internal or external system.

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Fast Time to Value, Flexible to Configure, and Friendly to Buy, Learn and Use.

/ Our timelines are measured in weeks, not years. Our UI, data, logic, and integrations are all fully customizable, and our commercial terms make it simple and easy to get started today.

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Our Customers

Real Impact in Real Time

/ Our Customer Results Speak For Themselves.

Our industry leading cloud pricing solutions deliver profitable growth and efficiency in record time, and with unmatched flexibility and ease of use.


Reduction in Cycle Times and Price Setting


Increase in Deal Sizes


Increase in Win Rates

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Pricing Optimization, Management, and CPQ
Delivering Margin Growth and Profitability

/ Pricefx offers a full suite of price management and CPQ solutions. Already world-class and built to stay ahead of the market, these products are designed to meet both your current-state and future-state needs.

  • Price fx Products - PrizeAnalyzer


    / PriceAnalyzer provides you with impactful visualizations and reports so that you can identify underperforming products, accounts and marketing programs with granular root-cause analysis.

  • Price fx- PriceOptimizer


    / PriceOptimizer uses machine learning and data science techniques to help you test and optimize pricing strategies, segments, volumes and margins.

  • PriceBuilder

    / PriceBuilder lets you run price calculations using variants based on any combination of factors – cost, market, competition, attribution and more.

  • Man with a computer screen


    / PromotionManager’s easy-to-use interface allows you to define, create and manage an unlimited number of discounts and pricing offers.

  • Price fx- QuoteConfigurator


    / QuoteConfigurator’s straightforward interface and seamless integration with most CRM systems provides your sales team unmatched response times.

  • Price fx-RebateManager


    / RebateManager allows you to manage rebate processes in one place with complete transparency regardless of complex off-invoice conditions.

  • ChannelManager Image of Man at screen with numbers


    / ChannelManager offers the complete ship & debit claims management solution built to work seamlessly and powerfully with your current tech stack.

  • Price fx - IntegrationManager

    PFX Platform

    /PFX Platform allows you to seamlessly connect our SaaS-based pricing solutions to your systems, including CRM, e-commerce, ERP and more.

F-Words Are Changing the Industry

Three words serve as the cornerstones of our company and the basis for our software.


Prices change rapidly

/ That’s why our solutions are easy to implement and enable adjustments in real time.


You know how you work best

/ Our UI is 100% configurable – from logic to dashboards to whichever corner of the earth you operate in.


Partnership requires mutual buy-in

/ With no long-term requirements and a customer-focused roadmap, our solutions are always beholden to your satisfaction.

Clients Tell All

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    "The pricing platform is very powerful, web-based and allows for almost everything required by our customers. We are very happy we decided to partner with Pricefx."

    Enrico Karg

    Head of Customer Journey Driving Project

  • / 02 >

    "In my 40 years in this space/vertical I have not worked with a more accommodating, advanced vendor. Their approach to the business relationship is truly one of being a partner."

    Jeff Osborne

    Director of Pricing

    Bob Barker
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    "We like Pricefx a lot, like really a lot. They were very flexible. It only took 3 months for Pricefx to configure the logic in our system."

    Thomas Verly

    Head of Global Sales Processes & Head of Americas IT

  • / 04 >

    "We decided to switch from a first-generation price optimization provider to Pricefx in 2018 because of its flexibility, responsiveness and implementation speed."

    Jose Redondo

    Global Pricing & EU Commercial Analytics Director

  • / 05 >

    "We’ve had a pretty aggressive transformation in profit across our whole company. Pricefx provides us the technology necessary to lift profit through pricing."

    Brian Sharp

    Global Commercial Strategy & Execution Leader

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    "Bain & Company sees investing in Pricefx as a great opportunity to bring a best-of-breed competitive weapon to our clients, and to stay at the cutting edge of pricing."

    Ron Kermisch

    Partner and Director

    Bain & Company
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    "Our partnership has opened up great opportunity to us by offering our customers the fastest way to improve their profitability. Their response speed and service attitude are amazing."

    Atte Roine

    Digitalisation and Data Strategy Advisor

    BDS Dynfo Oy
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    "Pricefx is building a world-class ecosystem. As with their products, the Pricefx partner network is a truly open platform that fosters connections and value-creation for all!"

    Eric Hills



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/ We never miss a chance to talk pricing. If you have any questions regarding our platform or the industry, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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