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Price f(x) Products

Price f(x) is the full suite price management and CPQ software solution providing broad and flexible support to the entire price management closed loop cycle of Price Strategy, Controlling, Setting and Realization

PriceAnalyzer PriceOptimizer Price Builder Promotion Manager Quote Configurator RebateManager

Price f(x) solution is suitable for any industry facing the classical but also very specific pricing challenges of commercial organizations of any size and geographical location.


PriceAnalyzer provides a broad set of relevant analytical functionality to identify margin and/or price opportunities,
increase transparency and support all types of price related optimizations.

PrizeAnalyzer Architecture

Its modern architecture allows unmatched speed and flexibility in data structure definition as well as methodic data cleansing, enrichment and load resulting in fast and almost borderless analytical abilities. No limits in regards to the number of waterfalls and comparisons, charts can be defined or modified with drag&drop, multiple datamarts can be accessed from one chart, data drives the drilldown dimensions and not predefined, inflexible customizations.

Seamless integration with the rest of the Price f(x) suite fuels:

  • Price, discount and rebate optimization, simulation and calculation
  • Enterprise level simulations on the basis of current and optimized pricing models
  • Inline-analytics during the quote configuration, simulation and preparation for negotiations
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PriceOptimizer, which supports many data science techniques, performs data profiling and generates segment-specific optimized pricing and price guidance and delivers it to price lists, CPQ, Digital Commerce and ERP systems.

  • Classification and regression
  • Statistical segmentation methods (e.g. clustering)
  • Selection of segmentation criteria
  • Predefined Optimization Algorithms (or develop your own Optimization Algorithm)
  • Model validation
  • Natural language processing (to help with data cleaning)

PriceOptimizer helps you analyze and segment your business, optimize your product portfolio and improve pricing.

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PriceBuilder supports in the broadest sense the price policy definition, setup of price guidelines, calculations and simulations of gross,
special and net prices including algorithmic optimization as well as the rule based and/or manual approval of price calculation results.

Unlimited number of cost, market, competition, attribute, value or mix based price calculation and simulation logics, defined directly through the user interface (UI configurability) and based on a library of functions and commands, fuel all types of:

  • Static, calculated or manual pricelist (i.e. periodic pricelist)
  • Live price grids for frequent, dynamic price re-calculations and 
 updates (i.e. online retail etc.)
  • Product price, quote and deal simulations
  • Price calculations based on bills of material, bundles, sets, kits etc.
  • Segmentation and algorithmic price optimization
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PromotionManager allows the definition and management of complex on-invoice conditions such as discounts, promotions, campaigns
as well as all kinds of special price conditions and net prices, mainly in connection with the structures defined in the backend systems
such as SAP, Oracle etc.

Unrestricted number of contract types of any complexity can be defined, maintained and made available for the execution of any price logic providing basis for calculation of:

  • Special conditions on any level and product-customer combination 
 (i.e. net prices, customer group discounts per product or product 
 group etc.)
  • Periodical promotions (i.e. stock selloff, “pay 2 get 3” etc.)
  • Campaigns (i.e. market introduction, upsell campaigns etc.)
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and QuoteConfigurator App for SFDC and SAP C4C

QuoteConfigurator supports the sales and back office teams with the quote configuration (CPQ), calculation
and simulation capability.

The ultimate goal is a quick and error free response to price inquiry or creation of a quote of any complexity, with dependencies between its element and containing an optimal price free of stomach feeling. All that is possible thanks to:

  • Utilization of current and optimized pricing framework at any time 
 and validity period
  • Enforcement of policies and guidelines
  • Provision of up-sell and cross-sell recommendations
  • Display of warnings, alerts and approval rules
  • Availability of pre-configured and tailored inline-analytics

QuoteConfigurator is also available as a plugin to the Salesforce application (SFDC). Using this plugin, Salesforce users can leverage most of the QuoteConfigurator functionality without the need to log in to Price f(x). The sleek, easy-to-use layout is fully customizable and you can easily switch between different saved customizations. The plugin is available for both desktop and mobile Salesforce apps.

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RebateManager allows the definition, management, simulation, calculation, approval and initiation of payments of complex off-invoice conditions such as rebates, bonuses, kickbacks, credits etc. as well as helps establish full transparency across the entire price waterfall from base to pocket price.

Unrestricted number of rebate types of any complexity can be defined, maintained and made available for the creation and execution of any rebate agreement in which the rebate types can be applied individually or in any logical combination.

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Pricing typically requires the collection, modification, enrichment and harmonization of data from various and mostly very heterogeneous systems and data sources, which can have incompatible interfaces and formats. Results of price calculations of any types and purposes (price conditions records) need to be transported back to and updated in multiple order execution and billing systems. To achieve this, the Price-f(x) IntegrationManager provides seamless, automated and bi-directional connection with almost any system and offers mapping functionalities and scheduled integration of business logic.

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