Report, Forecast and Manage Revenue for the Distribution Industry

Report, forecast and set your price lists more efficiently, giving your sales team a frictionless quoting process. Manage your vast catalog of SKUs and customer and supplier base with easy-to-use AI-powered, data-driven price optimization and management software.
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Optimize Your Pricing Strategy To Maximize Deal Profitability

Consolidate all of your data - supplier, geographical, product, transactional and more - to get better insights into their dependencies. This knowledge allows you to create price lists that more accurately reflect the complex nature of your business.

A Price Management Platform That Understands Your Supply Chain

Plug your business into a powerful 360° price management platform, gain data-driven insights from every step of your chain and price profitably. 

Increase Business Agility

Drive Profitable Growth

Reduce Effort and Risk

With faster access to accurate data, you can set price lists with speed and precision

  • Quickly and intelligently respond to market changes, while honoring customer contracts

  • Easily set optimized pricing that sales will trust, using real-time market data

  • Uncover margin opportunities by turning large volumes of data into actionable insights

  • Gain increased pricing and billing accuracy and reduce manual tasks

  • Access powerful analytics to understand profit drivers for every customer, product, service and salesperson

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Discover the benefits and profits of implementing a successful data-driven pricing strategy with Pricefx.
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“We were bogged down in spreadsheets and needed a solution that would help us quickly identify and react to trends in the marketplace.” 

Carl Knight
VP Pricing

“We were bogged down in spreadsheets and needed a solution that would help us quickly identify and react to trends in the marketplace.” 

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Carl Knight
VP Pricing

Your 360° Suite of Pricing Tools

Turn data into actionable insights that drive your competitive pricing strategy.

PLAN using advanced analytics with data from all your systems

PRICE using AI-optimized price management solutions

PROFIT with AI-optimized quoting and quote configuration

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Simplify Pricing in 3 Simple Steps

Effective, competitive pricing strategies across your value chain can future-proof your company. Follow the steps below to simplify your pricing.

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MediaMarktSaturn’s new intelligent pricing solution leaves them well placed to continue their incredible success to date, and Pricefx is excited to support them at every step of the way.

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