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What Software Support Can I Expect from Pricefx After Implementation?

February 4th, 2022 (Updated 03/10/2023) | 9 min. read

By Kevin Anderson & Kristian Paulsen

Choosing pricing software takes time—and there’s a lot on the line. Your chosen solution must deliver on a multitude of qualitative and quantitative KPIs across multiple departments and must show measurable ROI in the shortest time possible.  

You could spend months evaluating each one for its quality, flexibility, pricing, and time to value, and even more time convincing the big boss of your decision. The last thing you then need is to discover that you’re not getting everything you expected (or promised) from your chosen software provider in terms of software support. 

It’s one thing to provide your team with the best solution on the market, but quite another to ensure they’re able to get the most out of it. That’s why it is essential that you fully understand exactly what support to expect from your software vendor, as it can significantly impact your ongoing budget, as well as your relationship with them (perhaps with your big boss, too!). 

If you end up choosing as your vendor of choice, then we want to lay everything out on the table so you know exactly what to expect (and what not to expect) from us in terms of post-implementation support. We want to give you the information you need to have confidence in your decision to choose us. 

Our first article in this series focused on what support you can expect from Pricefx before and during implementation. So now, let’s delve into how we support you once you’ve purchased our software and your configuration has been completed. 

Types of Pricefx Support

Pricefx offers six types of support. Let’s explore each one in turn to learn more about what it covers and whether it’s a good option for your business. 

1. Pricefx Standard SaaS Support

Standard support is technical product support that comes with your license at no extra cost. It is a response-time SLA-driven support service that covers anything to do with the core product and hosting. 

So, if your instance goes down, we’ll work to restore your environment, or if your users in Europe can’t access the solution while those in the US can, then we’ll troubleshoot our way to a resolution. 

We’ll also monitor your solution to ensure it’s up and running, that the solution is able to handle your network volume, that you’re getting good response times, etc. 

Manned across three different regions we ensure 24-hours-a day coverage during the week and 24-hours-a-day weekend coverage for critical issues (like system crashes, problems logging in, faulty price productions, trouble shoot complex Salesforce integration issues together with your staff, etc.)

So don’t worry, you won’t ever have to wake anyone out of bed. While these critical issues are infrequent, we want to make sure you’re covered for them at all times. 

2. Pricefx Premium SLA Support 

With Premium post-implementation support, you get 24/7 access to a small group of technical support specialists who are focused on your company. We acknowledge the complexity of your business solutions and the need for back-to-back support. If it turns out that any issues that you discover come from a different solution, our team usually helps to hand-over any information we find that proves helpful to the relevant team so that they can sort it out.  

Premium support is a paid software support package that offers faster response times than standard support plus resolution SLAs—so not only do we promise to deal with your request sooner, but we endeavor to find a resolution to your issue faster.


If you have an an actively evolving business strategy, you might want to consider this add-on service to elevate your pricing solution. 

This option is best for customers who have high volume, availability, and impact needs and require 24/7 access to support specialists who understand their specific requirements and can deliver faster response and resolution times.  

3. Pricefx Dedicated Support

With dedicated support, you get a dedicated support engineer who is solely focused on your company.  

Rather than being an SLA-driven service, our commitment is in having one person who is dedicated to your company and deeply knowledgeable of your entire pricing setup allowing us to move straight to triage. 

As this service is as one-person job, we cannot offer 24/7 support, but you can choose an engineer in your own region so they can be pulled into meetings and can act as a valuable part of your team. This means that they’re available during business hours on weekdays. Outside business hours, you will be supported through our standard support or if you choose, a premium SLA. 

4. Pricefx Service Level Management

Service Level Management focuses on ensuring the best possible operating conditions for your pricing applications. Your Service Level Manager will continuously evaluate the performance of your applications, our service delivery process and work together with you to address systemic issues, real and potential. We use extensive, operational reporting as a tool to support that goal.

Your Service Level Manager acts as Incident Manager if a business-critical situation arises and can easily join your internal task force meetings or change board. Your Service Level Manager will oversee upgrades and deployments and help assess the risks for your business and mitigate them.

5. Pricefx Customer Ongoing Support Agreement

Our Customer Ongoing Support Agreement (COSA) is configuration support especially for those with a solution that has been configured by Pricefx. (If your solution was configured by one of our certified partners, your COSA would be with them.) 

On every project we configure, we dedicate time to testing—on our side and on yours.  

We’ve learned from experience, however, that some customers do not take this seriously enough, and are surprised down the line when something doesn’t work as it should. We’ve also seen cases where they’ve sent us bad or incomplete data with which to build, so despite many rounds of testing, we don’t find any issues before project completion. In both these cases, we have seen configuration defects emerge downstream, and so this is where your COSA would kick in; where our configuration engineers will support you in fixing these defects. 


In our agile world, time to market might be more important than being perfect from the outset. That’s why, we’ve seen scenarios show up that our neither us or our customers envisioned during the development phase. 

To swiftly accommodate your business needs, we highly recommend a COSA that provides fixing and minor changes / improvements on the fly so that you can maximize value for your business. 

Alternatively, you may find at some point after implementation that you want to make changes to its configuration. For example, you might want you to do some inflationary adjustments to your list prices to protect your margins by reflecting increases in raw material costs. So we’d need to go in and add that data as an input to your list price calculation as well as to any cost-comparison charts for tracking. This time is covered by your COSA. 

We recommend that all customers who had their solution built by Pricefx purchases COSA post-implementation support for at least the first year to cover situations like these.


It can be purchased on a subscription or flexible basis. You can choose how many hours of coverage you want a month, adjusting it later if you’ve over- or under- estimated. 

Of course, this is an optional extra—if you have your own configuration engineers or someone on your team has been through our configuration engineer training, then you can take care of these things in-house.  

6. Pricefx Price Optimizer Maintenance

This support level is similar to a COSA, but instead of configuration engineers, you’re enlisting the post-implementation support of pricing scientists.  

Depending on how well your pricing model is performing, you may wish to refresh it on a regular basis to reflect changing marketing conditions. This is because the assumptions in the original model may no longer be bearing as much fruit as you’d like under the new conditions. So, we need to regularly re-analyze and re-investigate the results to see if any adjustments could be made. Many of our customers require this service every six months or so. 

This support solution is ideal for larger companies with complex pricing and highly configured solutions as it means we can ensure that the solution we’ve built around your model is producing the optimal pricing guidance for you.


Again, this is an optional extra—if you have data scientists in-house, this can be self-maintained.  

For those with less configuration or those who only run pricelists one a month or so, then this level of support is not necessary—you’re likely to get what you require from one year of COSA followed simply by our standard package. 

Nothing Tells a Story Quite Like a Comparison Chart


At Pricefx, We Say It Like It Is

When embarking on a pricing digital transformation, it is essential you truly understand what level of software support you can expect from your pricing software vendor, so you’re not faced with a nasty surprise down the line. That’s why at Pricefx we insists on clarity and transparency. 

We can’t overemphasize the importance of having the right level of support for your business needs. That’s why we ensure the basic level of support and then supplement it with a variety of different options to meet your specific needs.  

But we also don’t want to talk you into more support than you need. Our flexible contract framework allows you to opt-in and opt-out – and in the case of COSA, scale – as your business grows; so if you’ve signed up for 30 hours but only use 10, we can make that adjustment during the year so you’re not paying for support you don’t need. 

We hope this article has demystified what support you can expect after a Pricefx implementation and that you feel better prepared for a conversation with our sales team about your requirements.  

If you’d like to find out more about the entire implementation process, then check out this article where we take you through the phases of the implementation process;



Kevin Anderson & Kristian Paulsen

Customer Success & Support , Pricefx

Kevin is a consulting and Software Management professional that forms long-term trusted relationships with clients and colleagues. He specializes in ensuring successful implementations pre and post-deployment, software Value and ROI realization, and project management of large consulting engagements. Kristian is a Senior executive with leadership experience in ICT consultancy, Professional Services, Technical Maintenance, Project Management & Aftersales Service. He is a positive, empathic, and energetic person that is motivated by challenges and the vision of being unique in the marketplace.