Finally, an Easier Way to Benchmark Pricing KPIs

Measure and compare your company’s performance to other industry players and align your targets accordingly. 

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Benefits of Having Pricing Insights

An easy-to-use solution that helps you to understand the impact of your pricing strategy in a few simple clicks.  

Access Industry Benchmarks

Leverage over 20 metrics to gain insights and compare them to others in the same industry.  

Identify Market Trends

Use the metrics to identify market trends and make decisions to benefit your organization. 

Data-Informed Decisions

Assess opportunities for improvement that can be used to inform your strategy and improve pricing processes. 

Optimize Your Pricing Strategy

Use KPIs to build your strategy in alignment with your overarching business requirements.  

Combine with Analytics

Combine the data available from PricefxPlasma with our pricing analytics solution and further enhance your insights.  

PricefxPlasma Dashboards

With Plasma you can get access to more than 20 benchmark metrics that are organized into 4 sets of charts. Each metric and chart help organizations better understand the effectiveness of their pricing strategy against company goals.  

The 4 Sets of Pricefx Plasma Charts

Executive Summary




What They Do

Consolidates some of the most important KPIs that are also available on other charts such as deal velocity for deals needing approval, percentage of deals outside guidelines and more.


Based on transactional data and provides insights into pricing business structure and includes insights like percentage of products to accounts to reach revenue, number of products trailing 12 months (TTM) and more.

Also based on transactional data but provides insights into pricing processes and execution. It includes metrics such as TTM number of list price increases, number of products, price increase realization waterfall and more.

Based on quoting data and provides insights into pricing strategy and deal process performance. It includes KPIs such as average deal size, average number of steps in approval process, percentage of deal needing approvals and more.

Plasma Benchmarks and What to Do With Them

While not a comprehensive list of the metrics available to PricefxPlasma users, this short compilation gives you a taste of how the benchmark results can augment your pricing in ways you never thought possible. 

Deal Velocity

Percentage of Deals

Percentage of Accounts



Deal Velocity for All Deals

  • The deal velocity dashboard visualizes the average number of days elapsed between the deal creation date and the submitted date.
  • As a metric, deal velocity enables you to measure the effectiveness of your processes compared to industry standards so that your deals move faster through the pipeline. 
  • Visualize areas to be addressed in optimizing deal quote creation and finalization.  

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Find articles, case studies, guides, how-tos and more from pricing experts that will help you on your road to pricing excellence.  


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