Actionable Insights

Proactively identify and address business opportunities and risks

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What is Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights is a new Pricefx feature that allows users to identify business opportunities and risks proactively, set actions, and assign them to the right person adequately. 

Key Features of Actionable Insights

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Actionable Insights - watcher
Automated alerts

User-oriented setup of “pattern” detections (based on any data threshold, time period or segment comparison)


Leverage any Datamart data and/or Optimization outputs

Top of mind

Alerts are pushed to the notification center and your email.  Plus they'll be available on your Pricefx Homepage

Actionable Insights - watcher


Actionable Insights Workflow

Define Watcher

  • Decide the rules to follow to detect a situation
  • Data sources, parameters, and thresholds to be regularly observed
  • Watcher can be based on any Datamart data

Define Action

  • Define the recommended actions and who they should be assigned to
  • Option to refer to a selected dashboard

Detect Action

  • Actions are created on a regular basis following the rules defined in Watchers
  • Alerts are triggered, and sent to the Notification Center, and Actions are added to the Homepage

Execute Action

  • Tasks are executed by the assigned users 
  • Quick access to the relevant dashboard for additional context
  • Available from the Homepage


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