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Discover how pricing software delivers more personalized pricing and when used on top of AWS technology, enterprises benefit with higher scalable computing pricing power, greater interconnectivity with current systems, and more affordable data storage.

Centralized Pricing Globally

A technological advantage that differentiates us from the rest. The Pricefx platform works with many AWS solutions to deliver pricing excellence like no other with the fastest time to value.

Highly scalable computing pricing power.

Interconnectivity with current systems. 

Infinite, affordable data storage. 

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Deliver a Customer-First Omnichannel Pricing Experience

Use a 360° AI-powered price management and optimization solution to set prices across your channels without cannibalizing your profits or customer loyalty.





Innovate on a modern tech stack with Pricefx and AWS

  • Using Pricefx on AWS technology, you can innovate with new features without compromising user performance, experience, or downtime. This helps reduce operational complexity and manual tasks.

  • Store unused data into AWS Glacier, and when your enterprise has the need to spin it up for high pricing computing, pass it over to AWS S3.

  • Being cloud-native from day one, APIs are everything and we ensure your data is accessible to only you with the most secure infrastructure that can deal with the volume of requests while locking out hackers.


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