Custom Forms

Add Your Own Functionality to Pricefx

What are Custom Forms?


Custom Forms let you cover more of your business processes through Pricefx while improving efficiency, reducing errors, and training & onboarding burden.


Involve your own inputs, outputs, custom calculations, or approval workflows and build your new functionality fitting your specific needs.

Where can Custom Forms help?


These are a few selected use-cases to utilize Custom Forms:

  • Price campaign / promotion creation (including strategic goals review, trade funds assessment)

  • Rebate program creation (supports multi-step, xTeam collaboration)

  • Sales compensation adjustment & dispute process

  • Sales organization management (performance review, tracking of changes, approvals, responsibility delegation)

  • Key account alignment for next period commercial objectives (flexible goals and objectives planning for priority accounts that can be used later in Analytics, Quoting, etc.)

  • Manual / ad-hoc adjustments of rebates, compensation or other calculated outputs

  • Supplier promotions communication and impact calculations

  • Specific calculations beyond price (e.g. CO2 emissions, complex tax impacts including for example alcohol distribution in US or international sales into Brazil)

  • Plant management related info gathering and exchange 

Full Flexibility of Custom Forms

With Custom Forms you can utilize various elements and features to build your own end-to-end functionality.

Data Inputs

gathering through forms, including data validation, attachments, and organization into tabs

Data Outputs

presentation including graphical visualization in charts

Customized Calculations

for many different pricing related use cases

Data Storage

and utilization of other objects / data / documents existing within Pricefx application


including email notifications


the resulting functionality may be embedded into an existing Pricefx capability like Quoting or may exist as standalone

How to Start

We have put together extensive resources available to support your development with Custom Forms. Find out how you can get started right away!


Custom Forms are available as part of Pricefx Hurricane 9.0 release. Not sure what Hurricane offers? Click below to discover what you'll get with Hurricane.