Now available: Godfather 8.0

Pricefx New Release

Faster, Friendlier and even more Flexible

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Pricefx Godfather release

Fewer clicks. Faster results.

In our upcoming release, we're focusing on making your overall experience on the Pricefx application more intuitive and user-friendly.

Our menu organization and layout will be more intuitive, our Quoting and Rebates capabilities will be simpler to use and our Optimization capability will include a new feature that will allow you to simulate the impact of price changes.

We're also testing a new Accelerator 'Sales Compensation' with a handful of customers before we share it with the world. 

All that (and more) will make your experience on Pricefx smoother and more complete!  

Pricefx Godfather release

When is it happening?

The Godfather release is officially available since January 23rd, 2022. 

Find out how more about the technical aspects of the upgrade in our release notes. 

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What to expect with Godfather 8.0?

We've made some changes to the user experience, enhanced some of our existing capabilities, and are launching a brand new Accelerator.

1. Improved User Experience

After several years of continuous development of the Pricefx application, we decided to slightly reorganize and rename items in our main menu to make the navigation more intuitive and logical.

Find out what changes we plan for our latest Unity user interface and older Classic user interface. 

We're also improving our existing capabilities Quoting (aka QuoteConfigurator) and Rebates (aka RebateManager) making them simpler and faster! 


Create, organize and manage quotes faster with Godfather 8.0.

Not sure what our Quoting capability does?

Watch this video to find out.

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Rebates have a cleaner look and are easier to navigate with Godfather 8.0.

Not sure what our Rebates capability does?

Watch this video to find out. 

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2. Enhancements to Optimization

Simulation for Optimization

What if you could forecast your next sales period with price point changes?

What if you could forecast your promotions and rebates effectiveness?

With Simulation for Optimization, you can simulate a pricing change and see its impact on your business KPIs with the price waterfall element's granularity. Watch our video to see how it works!

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3. Pre-Release of Sales Compensation

Sales Compensation - Pricefx Godfather Release

NEW CAPABILTY: Sales Compensation

Sales Compensation will enable you to administrate and calculate your sales team's compensation as part of your overall pricing lifecycle, all under the Pricefx application

We're testing out this capability with a couple of customers before sharing it with the world, so stay tuned for more info on this. 

If you're interested in learning more about Sales Compensation before the release, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager. 

Sales Compensation - Pricefx Godfather Release


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