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Excel vs Pricing Software: Accelerating Time to Pricing Excellence

April 16th, 2020 (Updated 06/20/2023)

Examine the Value Difference Between Excel and Pricing Software

All pricing professionals want to be able to initiate a pricing strategy that will result in higher profits, a smooth sales and quoting process, better pricing analytics, automated list price management and all with flexibility, ease, and speed. So, why do so many organizations use excel instead of pricing software? For many pricers, the reason is legacy tools installed decades ago. But this leaves pricers in a state of reactivity without the much-needed bandwidth to be proactive and lead their organization to pricing excellence.

Join Idrissa Diop as he shows the differences in how pricing software and excel help professionals like you to overcome the following challenges such as:

– Robust pricing analytics
– Pricing simulations for insightful decision-making
– Complex quoting involving multiple levels of approval

Click on the image below to register for the webinar and better understand why pricing software is will help you get to the next level of pricing capabilities.


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