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GenAI, ChatGPT & Pricing: Handy Tools or Pricing Revolution?

April 17th, 2024 (Updated 05/16/2024) | 1 min. read

By Guillaume Dupont


GenAI, ChatGPT & Pricing: Handy Tools or Pricing Revolution? – The eBook

Join Pricefx’s own resident AI expert, Guillaume Dupont, to discover all you ever wanted to know (and some of the things you didn’t) about the role of Generative AI in Pricing.

The future is now – click on the image below to read the Definitive GenAI in Pricing eBook:



Guillaume Dupont

Solution Architect & Data Scientist - Presales in Industry & Value , Pricefx

Guillaume leads Pricing Science and Optimization Go-to-Market activities for Pricefx, based in Houston. He has over 10 years of commercial optimization experience including designing, architecting and implementing pricing software, and consulting with customers across industries. Guillaume holds a Master’s Degree in Operations Research from the National Civil Aviation University of Toulouse, France.