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How does it look like inside the Prague´s Pricefx office

February 16th, 2024 | 4 min. read

Slide into a meeting with a colleague, unwind with a punching bag, or enjoy lunch prepared by the co-founder after a meeting. That’s the vibe at Pricefx offices in Prague, where people love to be, even though they can fully work remotely. 

In the heart of Prague’s Karlín district, many tech and e-commerce companies are headquartered. Among them, Pricefx boasts some of the most beautiful and flexible offices. Come on in for a visit! 

Slide into a Productive Day  

Upon arrival, you’re greeted by a modern, intricate space filled with relaxation zones and a striking wooden staircase. Swoosh… right next to the stairs is a slide, which someone just used to shortcut to the kitchen and prep their coffee or grab some fruit, freely available to all employees. 

“When we were brainstorming with architects about how to interestingly connect the third and fourth floors, a colleague suggested: we can slide,” chuckles Office Manager Tereza Jarošová. “We wanted people to interact, to have no barriers moving to the next floor, like needing to use a key card and go through doors. Now colleagues are thrilled, and word even got out that we have a slide. It’s actually cool, and often a supplier or courier will ask if they can deliver via the slide.” 

People regularly use the slide here because it’s quicker. Some even have rituals where they hang their coat, take a slide, and then get to work. 

Our Recipe for Team Spirit 

At Pricefx, we love getting together over food. We have a grill on the balcony, and often a colleague will suggest hosting a foodie gathering. For Easter, we tasted traditional Easter stuffing, combined it with a BBQ, and another colleague prepared a meatloaf. 

Our Co-founder Marcin loves to cook. So it’s not uncommon that after a meeting, he’ll prepare lunch for colleagues and we’ll gather around some good food. “It’s often a challenge when we’re looking for the biggest pot, all the burners are on, and sometimes there are up to fifty people gathered for dinner,” adds Tereza Jarošová. 

Joint lunches or dinners are often linked to meetings attended by colleagues who have come just for a few days from other countries. It’s an important way to connect managers with people from the company or individual teams. We also have breakfasts for newcomers. 

Food gatherings are a great opportunity to discuss work topics, but also to learn about the different cultures of the countries our colleagues come from. At Pricefx, we have people of over 30 nationalities. We host thematic breakfasts. For example, when people from America were in Prague, they prepared a traditional Southern breakfast for their Prague colleagues. 

Work Hard, Play Hard 

The new offices are very adaptable. The aim during their setup in 2021 was to create a comfortable space that could be fully utilized when colleagues from abroad came so they wouldn’t have to spend too much time outside the office and had comfort here, whether it’s about food or spaces for bigger meetings. One requirement was also a conference room for 50 people and enough relaxation areas, for example, for pool, which has always been a big draw for new employees. 

The conference room is a space that can be adjusted according to the type of event being held. The space can be lit with ceiling neons for informal events or divided and adjusted using floor boxes when catering is needed, for example. 

After focused work, you can stretch on the ladders, unwind with a boxing bag after a challenging day, or play a game of chess. 

So, why just read about it? Come slide into a day with us at Pricefx and experience firsthand the joy of working in an environment that’s as unique as the people within it. At Pricefx, we promise you this – no day will ever feel the same.