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Pricefx Reaches Settlement in Intellectual Property Lawsuit

September 26th, 2019 (Updated 06/20/2023) | 2 min. read

By Marcin Cichon

It is with a tremendous sense of relief and excitement that I’m sharing news today of reaching a final and definitive conclusion to our legal dispute of the past several years. This journey began in 2017, and has weighed heavily on our company, and on me personally. You can read our full statement here.

With the achievement of this resolution, we can confidently state: 

  • Pricefx is the undisputed owner of all of its software and intellectual property and Pricefx’s products and services do not infringe on any intellectual property rights – our code and our solutions are 100% ours. 
  • This settlement permanently concludes all matters of conflict at issue, and validates what we’ve been saying in the marketplace since the conflict began. 
  • Moving forward both companies are unrestricted to pursue business and commercial activities globally. 
  • Pricefx customers both present and future should feel secure in their selection of, investment in, and implementation of Pricefx’s world class cloud pricing solution. 
  • The Pricefx team believes this is the best and right outcome of this conflict, and we remain committed to delivering our industry leading solution to customers worldwide. 

Today we can finally look toward a future with clear skies and a massive opportunity. We set out to make Pricefx a different kind of company, from the way we treat our team (or how we truly call it, our Family), the office spaces we work in, and of course in our products. Our values of moving Fast, delivering the industry’s most Flexible tools, and being Friendly to use and work with have guided us even through these difficult situations.  

We have always believed that cloud native pricing software was the future of our industry, and today we are unrestricted in the continued pursuit of that vision. Now, the sky is the limit! 


Marcin Cichon, CEO 

Marcin Cichon

CEO and Co-founder , Pricefx

Marcin has over 20 years in software and software consultancy with a proven track record in establishing and growing businesses. You can usually find him at any Pricefx office in his now inseparable & iconic red shoes.