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RebateManager: Don’t Get Stuck in Rebate Management Hell

May 8th, 2019 (Updated 06/20/2023) | 3 min. read

By Tolu Oke

RebateManager: Don’t Get Stuck in Rebate Management Hell

Key Takeaways:

  • Handling hundreds of rebate management programs can be time intensive and if not done accurately, could cost your company
  • Implementing a rebate management tool could take years and become extremely expensive because of changes in staff and strategy
  • RebateManager is fast to implement and use so you don’t waste money or time

Ask any rebate manager, and they’ll tell you that speed and accuracy are two of the most important factors that they need to do their job well. This becomes even more apparent when there are multiple kinds of rebate deals to consider.

We’ve worked with companies whose rebate management process is so varied that implementation with other pricing solution providers has literally taken years and cost millions of dollars. In the meantime, pricing methodologies change, new employees come in, other employees leave, and it seems like it’s a never-ending loop to get to a point where you can use a solution that you can trust to make your job easier. This is perhaps one of those times that technology has not made things easier but harder on those that need it the most.

It’s no wonder that rebate payments can often seem slow to the person waiting for them. That’s because rebate managers and other pricing professionals must check and double check the numbers or they could end up losing their company millions of dollars. The other side of providing rebates accurately and in a timely manner is that you don’t want to erode your customer’s trust in you.

RebateManager: Accurate and Fast Rebate Management

Your company does not have to spend millions on wasted time and energy. Setting up RebateManager is fast so that you can get started providing value to your company and your customers. RebateManager defines, manages, simulates, calculates rebates, bonuses and more so that you can deliver on time and accurately.

How Does RebateManager Work?

Price fx- What is RebateManager

We help set the foundation for you to accurately provide your customers with special off-invoice conditions by determining which parameters you need to set to create new and current rebate programs. All the transactional data can be uploaded via Pricefx’s Excel client or data loader. What’s great about this is that your payout records can then be transferred to Excel, an ERP or another third-party management system. The result is a tool that cuts down on implementation time so that your focus can be on pricing strategy and optimization to really start to bring more benefits to your organization.

Tolu Oke

Content Marketer , Pricefx

Tolu had 5 years of experience with content planning and strategy and got her start with inbound marketing.

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