Wie viel kostet Preisgestaltungssoftware?

March 17th, 2022 (Updated 08/15/2022)

Tim Shorter & Andreas Lange
SVP of Sales (AMER & EMEA) at Pricefx

Wie viel kostet Preisgestaltungssoftware? Diskussionen über das Budget für eine neue Software können sehr anstrengend sein. Bevor Sie sich mit ausgestreckten Händen auf den Weg machen, sollten Sie genau wissen, worauf Sie achten müssen, wie Sie Ihre Erwartungen in Bezug auf die Preisgestaltung für die Software festlegen und – was vielleicht am wichtigsten ist – welche Fragen Sie stellen sollten, damit Sie am Ende keine Rechnung mit einer überraschenden Zahl in der Hand halten. Wir haben Hunderten von Unternehmen bei der Einführung von Preissoftware geholfen und gemeinsam mit unseren Kunden die richtigen Lösungen für ihre Bedürfnisse gefunden. Wie viel kostet...

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Does Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Matter in Pricing Software?

January 19th, 2022 (Updated 08/15/2022)

Katie Thompson & Matt Meade - Experis

Does Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Matter in Pricing Software?  Congrats! You have identified that pricing software will give your company the edge that it has been seeking. The next step is putting together a detailed analysis of the costs involved in getting the software up-and-running and powering your organization towards achieving the bottom-line benefits that innovative pricing software provides. However, the next phase in the process is a tricky one and not as clear cut as you hoped it might be. The question suddenly arises, ‘What is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?” exactly and how does it apply...

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What Return on Investment (ROI) Can I Expect on Pricing Optimization Software?

January 13th, 2022 (Updated 08/15/2022)

Gabriel Smith
Chief Evangelist at Pricefx

What Return on Investment (ROI) Can I Expect on Pricing Optimization Software?  If you’re considering investing in price optimization and management and/or CPQ software, you might be wondering what sort of return on investment (ROI) you can expect. Without a clear answer it’s hard to get budget, buy-in from executives and you might as well kiss the solution to your revenue and margin issues good-bye. We’ve had a lot of experience helping our customers to understand the payback they can get from pricing software so that they can track the success of their investment and go forward to get support...

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How Much Does Pricing Software Cost?

November 18th, 2021 (Updated 06/23/2022)

Tim Shorter
Chief Sales Officer at Pricefx

How Much Does Pricing Software Cost? Discussions around the budget for new software can be stressful. Before you go with your hands outstretched, you’ll want to know exactly what to look out for, how to set expectations for how the software will be priced and perhaps most importantly, what questions to ask so that you’re not holding an invoice with a surprising number at the end.  We’ve helped hundreds of companies implement pricing software and worked with customers to find the right solutions based on their needs.  So, how much does pricing software cost? At Pricefx, the total cost of...

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