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The Best Pricing Software for ROI

December 11th, 2023 (Updated 01/15/2024) | 11 min. read

By Dr Martin Wricke

In the bustling business world, the hunt for profitability is relentless. And what’s at the core of this quest? Pricing. If you’re here, chances are your business has hit a pivotal crossroads. You’ve either outgrown your current pricing tools, or you’re on the prowl for more potent pricing insights, specifically tailored to a search for the best enterprise software for ROI (Return on Investment).

At Pricefx, we’re acutely aware of the fundamental role pricing software plays in shaping the destiny of modern businesses. We’re no strangers to accolades, having secured our place as the best pricing software for ROI for multiple consecutive quarters, according to G2.

But there’s no time for complacency here. Our mission revolves around arming you with knowledge. We passionately believe that informed decision-making is the key to excellence. Our dedication to serving you with the finest pricing software goes beyond our own platform. Hence, this article unfolds—a comprehensive exploration of the top-notch ROI-rewarding pricing software solutions available today.

So, let’s set sail on this adventure together. Explore which enterprise-level pricing software options offer the best ROI —all with the aim of fortifying your business for unparalleled success in today’s dynamic marketplace. Get ready for answers to help your business unleash the full potential of your profitability.


Why is ROI Important for an Enterprise-Level Business?

ROI is a critical factor to consider when selecting a pricing software vendor for large enterprise businesses. Such organizations typically operate on substantial budgets, and every expense must be justified by delivering tangible returns. Pricing software is an investment, and it’s vital to assess how it contributes to the company’s bottom line. ROI analysis can allow enterprise decision-makers to evaluate whether the chosen pricing software can generate sufficient value to offset its costs. This assessment can be helpful to some businesses in determining if the investment is worthwhile, especially given that many large businesses aim to reduce operating expenses and optimize profitability . Other companies might use ROI as a method of determining the prioritization for which of those change management projects might come first.


For enterprise-level businesses, ROI is more than just a financial metric; it’s a measure of efficiency and productivity. Pricing software should streamline processes, enhance pricing accuracy, and drive revenue growth. By evaluating ROI, large enterprises can gauge the software’s potential to create a more agile and profitable pricing strategy. This analysis not only informs budget allocation but also ensures that the chosen pricing software aligns with the broader business strategy. It helps to avoid investments in tools that don’t yield sufficient returns and instead directs resources to solutions that maximize revenue, which is a pivotal objective for large enterprises.

Your Top 4 Enterprise Pricing Software Choices (in Terms of ROI)

In terms of ROI, below are the Top 4 enterprise pricing software vendors that are designed for larger, enterprise businesses (based on G2 ROI rankings for enterprise-level pricing solutions).

Please be aware that some of these software providers may not display their pricing on their websites.

Please note that the reviews in this article are based upon information available to the public, including information gathered from publicly available reviews, rankings, and testimonials.


We suggest you also undertake your own research in combination with the information supplied below to reach your own decision.


Other company trademarks are owned by those companies and not by Pricefx. Similarly, the “G2” trademark is owned by G2, and references to G2 are not intended to suggest affiliation with or endorsement by G2.


Nothing in this article is intended to suggest any affiliation with or sponsorship by companies other than Pricefx.

1.  Pricefx

Price: At Pricefx, the total cost of implementing pricing software starts at $100,000 and can go up to $1.5 million per implementation project. The cost of a subscription ranges from $100,000 to $3.5 million per year. For more information, check out this article on How Much Does Pricing Software Cost

Description: Pricefx is a comprehensive native-cloud pricing software solution designed to assist businesses in optimizing their pricing strategies, streamlining pricing processes, and maximizing profits. With a range of advanced features, Pricefx offers capabilities for dynamic pricing, price optimization, and real-time price delivery, making it a powerful tool for businesses seeking to stay competitive in the market.

ROI Driving Features: Pricefx empowers businesses with a suite of ROI-driving features that help transform pricing operations into profit centers. The software is designed to be fully industry-agnostic, making it suitable for businesses across all ranges of industries including manufacturing and distribution as particular specialties. Some of the features that Pricefx offers include dynamic pricing, price optimization tools, real-time price delivery, data analytics and optimization, and channel management. These features collectively drive ROI by improving pricing efficiency, boosting revenue, and enhancing overall profitability. Pricefx’s cloud-based platform ensures one of the fastest time-to-value ratios, and the software can be integrated seamlessly into your current technology stack as well as legacy systems.

G2 ROI rating; #1 (ROI within 12 months) – 46% of Pricefx customers achieve ROI within 12 months of implementation.

Unique Value Points (Based upon information available to the public, including information gathered from publicly available reviews on G2):

Features to Improve Upon:

2.  PROS

Price: N/A – Pricing information can be obtained directly from PROS.

Description: PROS, as a pioneer of the first-generation of pricing software, brings to the table a suite of ROI-driving features aimed at assisting large enterprises in their pricing endeavors. With deep-rooted experience in on-premises pricing solutions, PROS has cultivated a robust price optimization and analytics solution that seamlessly integrates with existing systems. PROS takes pride in its legacy business model, which places a strong emphasis on customer support, ensuring that users receive the guidance they need to manage their pricing tasks efficiently. This customer-centric approach fosters collaboration and excellence, making PROS a good choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive pricing solution.

ROI Driving Features: Further ROI-driving features that PROS offers are omnichannel price list management, ensuring consistency across different channels, and enhancing pricing governance and transparency. PROS also excels in real-time price delivery, facilitating quick adjustments to market changes. The inclusion of Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) capabilities enhances the efficiency of complex quoting processes. Moreover, PROS empowers businesses with price optimization tools for data-driven insights that guide strategic pricing decisions and dynamic pricing to adapt to real-time market dynamics. These features collectively drive ROI by enhancing pricing strategies, optimizing profitability, and improving overall efficiency for large enterprises.

G2 ROI rating; #2 (ROI within 12 months) – 37% of PROS customers achieve ROI within 12 months of implementation.

Unique Value Points (Based upon information available to the public, including information gathered from publicly available reviews on G2):

Features to Improve Upon:

3.  Vendavo

Price: Pricing information can be obtained directly from Vendavo

Description: Vendavo has evolved from an early-generation on-premises pricing solution to a dynamic cloud-based pricing platform. Today, it empowers enterprise businesses with innovative pricing strategies embedded within an eCommerce-centric framework. Driven by AI, Vendavo offers a spectrum of features designed to elevate pricing effectiveness, including real-time insights, improved win rates, and comprehensive product configurations.

ROI Driving Features: At the core of Vendavo’s value proposition are its AI-driven features, which are poised to deliver a robust ROI. These features include the Deal Price Optimizer, Price Management, CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software, Sales Optimizer, Margin Bridge Analyzer, Profit Analyzer, and Business Risk & Sales Alerts. By harnessing the power of AI and this extensive toolkit, Vendavo equips enterprise businesses with the tools necessary to drive profitability, optimize sales processes, and minimize risks, ultimately increasing the ROI of their pricing strategies.

G2 ROI rating; #3 (ROI within 12 months) – 36% of PROS customers achieve ROI within 12 months of implementation.

Unique Value Points (Based upon information available to the public, including information gathered from publicly available reviews on G2):

  • Of late, Vendavo has made measurable improvements in the ease-of-use category on G2 (up to 7.9)
  • During the course of the last 12 months, Vendavo has improved its CRM Integrations
  • Vendavo’s risk management tool will assist you in learning from historical pricing behaviors in your transactional data and optimize prices that maximize margin and minimize the risk of losing customers during your sales negotiation process.

Can Improve Upon:

Vendavo may require check-ins with customer support staff to tweak time-consuming AI rules-based changes when dealing with multi-agent constraints and multiple synchronized pricing objectives.

4.  Zilliant

Price: Pricing information can be obtained directly from Zilliant

Description: Zilliant, another trailblazer of first-generation pricing software with roots in on-premises solutions, offers a compelling choice for large enterprises looking to optimize their pricing strategies. This well-established pricing software provider has transitioned into a modern era, making it an attractive option for businesses seeking comprehensive price management and optimization tools.

ROI Driving Features: At the heart of Zilliant’s offerings is the powerful Zilliant Precision Pricing Suite (ZPPS), a robust enterprise software designed to drive ROI. ZPPS integrates innovative price segmentation, optimization science, advanced analytics, and process automation tools to elevate pricing strategies. With a focus on in-house pricing scientists, Zilliant empowers businesses with an efficient approach to pricing. Its features encompass price management and administration, price optimization, deal and agreement management, rebate management, market pricing, eCommerce, predictive sales analytics, and visual analytics, providing the foundation for businesses to optimize pricing and achieve tangible ROI.

G2 ROI rating; #4 (ROI within 12 months) – 22% of Zilliant customers achieve ROI within 12 months of implementation

Unique Value Points (Based upon information available to the public, including information gathered from publicly available reviews on G2):

Features to Improve Upon:

But What About Total Cost of Ownership?

After delving into this article, you’ve gained valuable insights into enterprise pricing software vendors that deliver the best ROI for business. But it’s also crucial to consider the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) alongside ROI .

ROI focuses on the returns generated from your investment – essentially – the profits reaped.


TCO, on the other hand, encompasses all costs associated with implementing and maintaining a pricing software solution, not just the initial purchase but also ongoing expenses like subscription fees, training, and support.


The primary difference lies in the perspective: ROI gauges the returns, while TCO evaluates the complete financial picture, ensuring that the investment remains sustainable over time.

Understanding the distinction between ROI and TCO is essential for informed decision-making. ROI quantifies the benefits of the pricing software in terms of increased revenue or reduced costs, allowing you to assess the financial gains. In contrast, TCO provides a comprehensive view of the monetary aspects, encompassing both the initial investment and ongoing expenses. To make a wise choice, businesses need to balance a strong ROI with a manageable TCO, ensuring that the software not only generates profits but is also cost-effective to implement and maintain. When you merge these perspectives, you can make a well-informed decision that benefits your organization in the long term.

To learn more about TCO, check out this handy article below:


Or speak to one of our pricing experts now to begin your journey with Pricefx.

Happy Pricing!

Dr Martin Wricke

Co-Founder & Principal Product Advisor , Pricefx

Martin has over 15 years of experience in pricing and implementing pricing software in various industries. Before co-founding Pricefx, Martin was the global head of pricing at Döhler Group. He was responsible for establishing and running the pricing organization, developing new pricing concepts and managing price calculation. Martin is the author and co-author of numerous articles in the area of pricing. Martin is a regular speaker at pricing conferences and events.