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The Coronavirus and You: Adapting Your Business in Times of Crisis [WEBINAR]

March 18th, 2020 (Updated 06/20/2023) | 2 min. read

How Your Business Can Adapt in the Coronavirus Crisis

With all our financial planning and budgeting for 2020, no one could have predicted that we’d be closing Q1 and planning the rest of the fiscal year based on the impact of a particle 16 times smaller than the width of a hair strand.

Although the impact of the Coronavirus is being felt in every corner of our offline lives, in the online world, we can prepare ourselves to make the necessary shift to a virtual business environment to help adapt and survive. We’re not alone and in some ways, we’ve been here before. Join this roundtable discussion with:

  • Gabe Smith: Chief Evangelist and moderator
  • Lydia M. DiLiello: Revenue Management Executive & Advisor
  • Maciej Kraus: Strategy executive with specialization in sales, and pricing in B2B and B2C markets
  • Robert Smith: Industry Advisor
  • Ted Hartnell: Chief Architect and Developer of Scientific Strategy
  • Radha Patel: Solution Strategist

Join us on the 31st of March at 10:00 AM ET for:

  • winning strategies and options
  • proposed next steps that they have observed being taken in response to the pandemic
  • suggestions on how you can apply them to your business today
  • Q&A session