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Vesper 6.0 Is Here: Say Hello to the New Face of Pricing

December 2nd, 2020 (Updated 06/20/2023) | 6 min. read

By Lukas Sirucek

The Latest Product Release – Vesper 6.0

You may have heard us say it before: At Pricefx, we are passionate about pricing. 

It’s a beautiful curse. We can’t help obsessing over your pricing success. It’s why we spend so much time between versions drilling down into what really matters to you and how we can propel you to pricing superstardom. 

And that’s why we’re proud to reveal Vesper, thall-new Pricefx solution that is super streamlined, amazingly agile, and dangerously powerful. 

With its first-class functionality, you’ll be getting more done in less time and with better results than ever before. 

How did we arrive at the name Vesper? Well, it’s part of a tradition at Pricefx to name our releases after drinks that our colleagues vote on. At our All Hands, back when we could all meet, someone was nominated and after much deliberation, Vesper was chosen. And just like its Bond double agent namesake, this latest release will be sue to leave an impression.

What’s New in the Vesper Release? 

Well, firstly, all our industry-leading Pricefx pricing modules are now unified in our brand-new, sleek and modern Unity UI” which will have you switching off Netflix to play with. With its fluid customizability and dramatic impact on efficiency, it’s so much more than just a pretty face! 

Then there’s the new PriceOptimizerAI – a nextgeneration price optimization module powered by “clear box” predictive Machine Learning and multi-constraintaware AI. If you’re not sure why this is going to revolutionize your pricing you’ll want to read on. 

Finally, our aptly named Accelerators will not only make it quick and easy to add industry best-practice functionality to your Pricefx solution with the use of pre-defined solution building blocks, but they will deliver on Time to Value like a Big Mac and fries. 

Ready to learn more? 

Unity UI  Pricing Has Never Looked Better 

All the Pricefx modules now sit inside one sleek, dynamic new user interface, so you have everything you need to deliver outstanding pricing right at your fingertips. 

The new Pricefx automatically and seamlessly adjusts between screens (desktop, tablet) and allows you to easily glide between dashboards with an option to use URL parameters to preselect filters. You can even customize the system to work the way you doWant to hide columns? Change chart type? Return to your previous chart… No problem, whatever takes your fancy. And all without losing your settings. 

You’ll find your pricing workflows greatly simplified too, as they’re all inside a single application that works across multiple platforms and devices. You can even diminish costly mistakes by dynamically enabling or disabling delete, duplicate, email and import/export options for your quotes. It’s your show, you choose the story. 

What’s more, quoting has been revolutionized. Bshowing all quote types and highlighting newly added products when creating a new quotethe Vesper release enables faster and more accurate quoting that wins those clients and boosts those sales. And it simplifies contracts and agreements too, with always-editable fields and custom configurable headers in PromotionManager Contracts. 

Pricefx has always been easily incorporated into virtually any third-party applications (like CRMs or ERPs), but now you can embed any dashboard directly inside the QuoteConfigurator quote detail page to break down those debilitating silos and release valuable and actionable insights. 

The new streamlined UI actively boosts efficiency and speed through simplified processes and seamless adjustment to you and your way of working. It’s everything you need to get more done while reducing management overheads. 

PriceOptimizerAI  Optimized Pricing That Really Works 

The all-new PriceOptimizerAI module is a next-gen price optimization powerhouse fueled by “clear box” predictive machine learning and multi-constraintaware AI. 

Now you can deliver deal guidance that you can stand behind with transparent and intuitive pricing. You can model price elasticity based on the segmentation of your choosing, from rulebased to predefined. And not only can you easily change models and simulate the impact of changes, but you can see precisely which constraints are impacting the optimized list price, discount or rebate per segment, and adjust them during run-time. 

By aligning competing business rules and constraints, such as price increases, competition, and margin targets, and integrating multiple business objectives and prioritiesyou can achieve optimized pricing that really works. 

You can evaluate multiple best outcomes even when the model is over constrained and simultaneously optimize the entire price waterfall at every level of granularity, from List Prices to Rebates. 

With optimized guidance for price-setting and negotiations, your operations become streamlined and you can present optimized pricing and promotions in CPQ, ERP, and e-commerce platforms seamlessly. 

With PriceOptimizerAI, you’ll not only achieve massive time savings thanks to a faster and more flexible approach to price optimization, but you’ll be able to update thousands of prices and sales conditions in minutes. 

How’s that for an upgrade? 

Accelerators – the Building Blocks of Pricing Success 

The new Accelerators that come with the Vesper release make it easier than ever to add industry best-practice functionality to your Pricefx solution. 

The new pre-defined solution building blocks not only speed up deployment of the new Pricefx modules and functionality (reducing your time and effort), but they also make it easier for the Pricefx team, its partners, and customers to configure solutions around business-specific needs without any sacrifice to customization. 

As Pricefx deployments become increasing consistent, implementation effort decreases, which not only minimizes Time to Value, but also means the Total Cost of Ownership of your Pricefx solution plummets because of how easy it is to support and enhance. 

To highlight one of our favorite accelerators: the Sales Insight Accelerator is a game-changer for making smart data-driven pricing decisions that directly impact the bottom line. 

With rapid insights into profitability, you can clearly see how margin and revenue change over time based on factors like customer acquisition and variance in price. You can visualize your profitability with a standardized price waterfall and identify issues or margin leakage with the comparison dashboard. You can also quickly find and address outliers by analyzing your best and worst performing customers and products. 

With real-time insights and excellent visibility across your entire price waterfall, you’ll be able to spot any issues or opportunities with ease and make smart adjustments to ensure price optimization throughout. 

And with sophisticated pre-designed building blocks that get you up and running faster on a Pricefx solution that is even better suited to your needs, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can be achieving your pricing goals. 

Vesper  Born of a Passion for Pricing 

We hate to brag… but with the Vesper release, pricing really has never looked better. 

Not only can you deploy Pricefx faster, design it around your specific needs, and use pre-built best-practice functionality, but you can leverage state-of-the-art next-gen price optimizing tools driven by Machine Learning and AI. 

And what’s more, it’s all wrapped inside one sleek, agile, powerful, yet intuitive, user interface that is designed to move you faster towards surpassing your pricing goals. 

There’s really nothing not to love. 

Lukas Sirucek

VP Product Management , Pricefx

Lukas Sirucek is the Pricefx VP of Product Management and is based in the Czech Republic. Lukas is a former developer, product owner and an agile leader, currently dedicated to working in an amazing software company and contributing to shaping it into the best pricing and optimization software in the world. And doing it all with a smile.