RebateManager At-A-Glance

A Full-Transparency Pricing Software.

/ RebateManager is a price management software that powers the definition, management and calculation of payments of special off-invoice conditions, such as rebates and credits, as well as establishes full transparency across the entire price waterfall.

Features of RebateManager

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Centralize Approvals
Manage approvals in one, centralized location and send them from your pricing software to your accounting system with ease.

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Custom Dashboards
Create custom dashboards with ease, and set user-roles, entitlements and audits with transparency.

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Build Rebates
Build rebates, bonuses or any other “off-invoice” agreements based on products, volume and more, within the module.

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Establish Processes
Set your custom review and approval processes, integrate them with your CRM and other payment systems.

The RebateManager Process

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