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Going from Datapoint to Price Tag

Manage Your Pricing Strategy

Managing your pricing strategy is one of the most critical elements of maximizing earnings and profits. From price policy definition and the setup of price guidelines to calculations and price simulations – its practice can be highly complex and highly impactful.

Our curated collection of content offers a variety of resources focused on pricing definition, price management, on-invoice promotion management, and a wide range of other topics designed to help you get smarter faster when it comes to defining your own pricing strategy.

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Initiating a Pricing Roadmap Enabled by Pricefx. A Case Study. – Video

In this talk, you will learn how they Navigated millions of SKUs and multiple ERP systems globally Recovered from a low return on sales Defined the best way to take a centralized approach to selling Got an understanding of millions of data points to create a stable pricing foundation


3 Negotiation Strategies Pricing Experts Can Use to Let Someone Else Have Your Way

No matter what your role is or who you are, negotiation is polarizing – either you love it or you detest it; no one is lukewarm on this subject. Negotiation is the art of letting someone else have your way. Yes, you read that correctly. The whole point of negotiation is getting what you want while having the other person walk away thinking that they got what they wanted as well. No wonder most people fear attempting this “dance” of words. What makes it so challenging for the vast majority of us? Why do we often avoid “negotiation” and any


When Dynamic Pricing and Profit Meet

When Dynamic Pricing and Profit Meet Key Takeaways: You need to respond rapidly to changes in prices to make sure you stay competitive and profitable Using algorithmic optimization to set up pricing guidelines means you can test any modifications to pricing strategies before going live with them When it comes to defining and managing your pricing strategy, having the ability not only to calculate all product pricing types based on accurate simulations but to publish them quickly will determine the success of your pricing policy. Pricefx’s PriceBuilder allows you to do just that and more… PriceBuilder: Seamless Integration Your Way

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