Pricefx Unity User Interface

Enhance your user experience on Pricefx

Modern. Intuitive. Fast.

Unity is the latest user interface of the Pricefx application.
It is modern-looking, intuitive with optimized user flows, faster, and it provides a wide range of new capabilities to further support your pricing or deals-related processes.

The end of CLASSIC User Interface

Hurricane 9 (current release) is the last release to support the CLASSIC user interface. The next major release (Bee's Knees 10.0) will support our latest user interface (UNITY) only. We encourage you to switch to UNITY as soon as possible.
Also, please note that we support only the latest 2 releases which are Godfather 8.x and Hurricane 9.x at this time. If you use an older release, please, upgrade as soon as possible.

New Functionalities

We've introduced new functionalities that are only available on Unity. Better Dashboards, AI optimization, and much more! 


AI-Powered Optimization

Deal Planning


What are Dashboards

Dashboards enable you to collect all the information and data you need, in one place.


1. Data overview:

Include any type of data related to the business you want to see.

2. Predefined or custom: 

Utilize predefined dashboards or create your custom ones.

3. Visualize any information: 

See all the information you need – latest data and upcoming tasks.

It's time to switch!

Make the switch and get ready for a whole new experience with Unity.

Classic Interface (old)

Unity Interface (new)

Make Your Users Aware of the Change

As of the release Hurricane 9.4 all users in Shared production will see information on the upcoming end of Classic UI and a link to the Unity interface as part of their login screen.


You may also utilize 2 optional features to communicate the change to your users:

  • Promote new Unity UI – Shows/hides the link to the Unity UI which is available as a banner at the top of the page and an item in the User menu. The link leads to the Unity version of the current partition.
  • Show customizable welcome dialog – When enabled, users are presented with a welcome dialog after they log in. You can enter the text for this dialog in the field below. This dialog can be useful for e.g. product announcements or redirecting users to Unity UI.

These optional features may be enabled by Administrators. More info is available here.


Want to learn more about Unity?

Visit our new Knowledge Base to watch more videos of our Key Functionalities on Unity Interface

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