Pricefx Unity User Interface

Enhance your user experience on Pricefx

Modern. Intuitive. Fast.

Unity is the latest user interface of the Pricefx application.
It is modern-looking, intuitive with optimized user flows, faster, and it provides a wide range of new capabilities to further support your pricing or deals-related processes.
Watch this video with our Chief Product and Technology Officer, Toby Davidson, and see how the Unity interface can significantly enhance your experience on the Pricefx platform. 
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New Functionalities

We've introduced new functionalities that are only available on Unity. Better Dashboards, AI optimization, and much more! 


AI-Powered Optimization

Deal Planning



What are Dashboards

Dashboards enable you to collect all the information and data you need, in one place.


1. Data overview:

Include any type of data related to the business you want to see.

2. Predefined or custom: 

Utilize predefined dashboards or create your custom ones.

3. Visualize any information: 

See all the information you need – latest data and upcoming tasks.


Still on old Classic user interface?


We are here to help you with the change. Below are the steps you'll need to take to get started with Unity: 


  • Step 1: Upgrade to Godfather Release. This is a pre-requisite to switch to Unity. 
  • Step 2: Send an email to your Customer Success Manager to request the change to Unity. 
  • Step 3: Your Success Manager together with the Unity Center of Excellence will develop a joint migration plan including timeline, responsibilities and migration activities.
  • Step 4: Pricefx will execute the migration.
  • Step 5: Make sure your Pricefx users are properly trained and aware of all related improvements

It's time to switch!

Make the switch and get ready for a whole new experience with Unity.

Classic Interface (old)


Unity Interface (new)


Want to learn more about Unity?

Visit our new Knowledge Base to watch more videos of our Key Functionalities on Unity Interface

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