Bosch Home Comfort Group

Video Case Study

Looking to make your rebate processes faster? Or maybe your on-premise solution has reached the limit of what it can do for you. Bosch Home Comfort Group (formerly Bosch Thermotechnik), a leading manufacturer, was there too. But not for long. 

They were able to shorten their rebate process by 50%! They went from manual rebate management to making sure that payments are transparent, made on time, and accurate. Watch and come along for the ride as we show you how they achieved such stellar results.  

Don't have time to watch the full video? See the shortened version that highlights the most important points.

Bosch Home Comfort Group's story

What were Bosch Home Comfort Group's challenges?
How did Pricefx help them to solve the problem?
What were the pain points when implementing Pricefx?
What are the results?
What pricing package should you choose if you are facing similar challenges?

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