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We’ve Reclaimed F‑Words

Forget Everything You Know About Them

This isn’t about manners. It’s about championing three words that serve as the cornerstones of our company and the basis for our software – Fast, Flexible and Friendly.



Speed is more vital to pricing than it is to any other industry. That's why our platform is designed to help you do your job faster by integrating seamlessly with preexisting systems and operating intuitively.

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The pricing industry lacks flexibility. And we’re not talking about toe touches, we’re talking about the capability to break from inflexible solutions and fluidly adapt your system to fit your organization’s evolving needs. A capability that comes standard with Pricefx.

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With Pricefx, you can be assured that applying our solutions is a collaborative, mutually beneficial process. With lightweight contracts and monthly subscriptions, we seek to make doing business with us as friendly as it is to work with our team.

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Why We Love F-Words at Pricefx

What do F-Words mean to us?

It’s art and science. It’s living our value. It’s our passion for pricing.

How F‑Words Are Driving Innovation


Speed Drives Sales, Time to Step on the Gas!

Speed is the language most salespeople speak and as most sales people know time kills deals (TKD). Find out why speed is so important and how you can start closing deals faster.

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How to Capitalize on Speed to Improve Pricing Processes

Amazon beat out competitors because they were faster and more agile. You might not be Amazon yet, but if you want to improve your pricing processes, you can always leverage speed.

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Dynamic Pricing? Yes, You Can!

Using dynamic pricing might seem overwhelming, but it’s not. By understanding AI and machine learning, dynamic pricing doesn’t have to be daunting.

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Big on F‑Words?

Pricefx is defining the future of pricing.

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