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Flexibility is a concept not often associated with first-generation pricing software. In reality, most pricing solutions are anything but – expensive, resource-intensive and difficult to customize when the market requires adaptation. At times, it seems they’re designed solely for the sake of complexity.

Yet Flexibility is exactly what the pricing industry needs. We’re not talking about yoga, we’re talking about the capability to break away from inflexible solutions and fluidly adapt your system to fit your organization’s evolving needs.

A capability that comes standard with Pricefx.

Use this page to discover all the ways our cloud-computing pricing software can be configured to multiple systems and expand your company’s global reach.

Pricing Strategies Need Pricing Vision

It is true to state that companies with any kind of retailing either have or crave a pricing strategy. And not just a pricing strategy, one that can control all aspects of the pricing cycle and work anywhere. But for that, you need to have a pricing vision.

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How Adjustable Pricing Boosted the Skiing Industry–It’s Snow Joke!

One of their major challenges is the traditional and very conservative nature of the industry. They don’t know their customers or much about online marketing, customer journey or retention. They use old-style advertising, such as posters, to promote their offerings, sell tickets the traditional way, and that’s that. “Thank you for your custom–see you next year, I hope!?”

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Smart Pricing Means Innovation. Time to Flex Those Data Crunching Muscles!

Global expansion is the dream of companies. Having a healthy market share and huge selection of SKUs, and combining those with a thorough knowledge of the local markets should result in informed pricing, a good competitive overview, and loyal customers based on perceived value and willingness-to-pay. And notice I said “should”!

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Pricefx’s Optimized Algorithmic Pricing, Now on SAP’s App Center

Optimized Algorithmic Pricing (OAP) by Pricefx is a solution built for SAP customers. It provides unique insight into how pricing impacts business profitability across products, customer segments, sales channels and geographic regions.

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