Forget EverythingYou Know About F‑Words


Friendly can mean a lot of things. For us, it’s about more than being “nice” – it’s setting an example the entire pricing industry should follow.

With Pricefx, you can be assured that applying our solutions is a collaborative, mutually beneficial process. With lightweight contracts and monthly subscriptions, we seek to make doing business with us as friendly as it is to work with our team.

Take a moment to see how taking a friendly approach to pricing cuts costs, improves efficiency and leads to a more harmonious, communicative business relationship.

Surcharge Pricing, Avocados and Australia

When avocado shortages in Mexico caused surcharge pricing in the US, Gabe Smith, our resident pricing innovation expert reflected on how surcharge prices are viewed in other parts of the world, importantly, Australia. Follow Gabe on his journey to discover how different countries handle shortages.

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Ticketcorner – Dynamic Pricing Increases Market Share 5X

By now, you have probably heard about dynamic pricing for e-commerce businesses like Amazon or even the airline industry. But have you ever given much thought to dynamic pricing and how it applies to the skiing industry? In a lot of ways, the skiing industry is prime for dynamic pricing measures because, like the airline industry, prices can vary depending on a mixture of time of purchase and seasonality. Applying dynamic pricing to their industry paid off for Ticketcorner with a 5X increase in market share.

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Dynamic Pricing? Yes, You Can!

Using dynamic pricing might seem overwhelming, but it’s not. By understanding AI and machine learning, dynamic pricing doesn’t have to be daunting.

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Accelerate: Pricefx’s Passion for Pricing Takes the Driving Seat in Berlin

What happens when 150 of the brightest pricing minds gather in Berlin for a two-day event packed with more actionable insights, thrills and adrenaline rushes than one human mind could feasibly imagine? Time to meet the pricing world’s ultimate event, Accelerate!

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Pricefx Adds New Marketing Chief after Accomplishing the Most Successful Year in its History

Patrick Moorhead joins as Chief Marketing Officer from big data startup Label Insight to help the company continue its strong growth, following its doubling in size for three consecutive years.

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Thank You to Pricefx Customers for a Successful First Quarter

Our Customers Allow Us to Be Successful. When the initial idea of a pricing solution was rudimentarily sketched out in Martin’s (CPO and co-founder) kitchen on a napkin, one of the cornerstones of this new solution was fairness to the customer. As a result, we believe that our forever customer-centric approach has led to the great relationships we’ve fostered with clients.

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