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COVID Happened – What’s Next is Up to You: Utilizing Your Financial Data to Drive Business Opportunities

June 3rd, 2020 (Updated 06/20/2023)

By Lydia M. Di Liello

COVID Happened – What’s Next is Up to You

Utilizing Your Financial Data to Drive Business Opportunities 

Financial data is a powerful tool and when it is coupled with intentional targeted pricing, business opportunities flourish and revenue increases. Resuming normal business is a priority for all businesses post COVID. That task looks daunting for many. Don’t settle for returning to just “normal.” Use this time to grow your business!  

While increasing sales and business opportunities may seem a long way off, utilizing financial data that you already have available can dramatically increase business opportunities and new sales. In this webinar, we will discuss best uses for standard financial measures like gross margin and contribution margin and how they can directly help you drive more business.  We will directly correlate top customers and top products to developing new business opportunities and we will dive into Return on Sales ROS and how it can push your business to new levels. Join us for this engaging and insightful webinar guaranteed to give you a new perspective on your old financial data. 

The Rule of “Top” 

  • Analyzing high volume (TOP) products 
  • Analyzing high revenue (TOP) customers with year over year comparisons 
  • Information that drives additional business 

Profit Margins and What They Can Tell You 

  • Gross Margin – steady-state, looking for trends 
  • Contribution Margin- are you effectively capturing your material costs? 
  • The Business Health Check 

Return on Sales ROS 

  • What is it 
  • How can this propel my business forward 



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Lydia M. Di Liello

CEO & Founder , Capital Pricing Consultants

Advisor, speaker, trainer and author with 23+ years experience leading Revenue Management initiatives for the automotive and industrial markets. My leadership roles include manufacturing, pricing and procurement with nine years of executive pricing leadership in custom plastics manufacturing.