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How the Pricefx Advantage Partner Program Works

June 29th, 2023 | 6 min. read

By Steve Haskin

Here at Pricefx, as leaders in the pricing space with our cloud-native pricing software to show for it, we pride ourselves on having an extensive software partner network that combines pricing expertise, technical skills, and strategic guidance to enable businesses just like yours to optimize the Pricefx tool to meet its unique pricing goals.  

Now, what exactly do you need to know about how our partner ecosystem, or the Advantage Partner Program, works?  If you’re still a little fuzzy on the ins and outs, in this article we’ll outline who the partners are and how they can help you, how they’re selected, and what you’ll get out of working with a partner. 

Before diving in, let’s first revisit who we’re talking about when we refer to our partners and what their role is in a partner-led pricing project.


Who Are Pricefx Partners and What Do They Do? 

The Pricefx Advantage Partner Program is a holistic network of pricing software practitioners here to support enterprise-level businesses in the move to a pricing software solution, with a breadth of knowledge ranging from software implementation and maintenance to pricing strategy. 

The Pricefx partner ecosystem is divided into three types: System Integrators, Strategy Partners, and Independent Software Vendors. Here’s a brief rundown of each: 

  • System Integrators (SIs) offer both the pricing expertise and technical skills needed to assist with the implementation and integration of Pricefx with a company’s 3rd party systems, such as CRMs and ERPs, in addition to maintaining and updating the solution later on. 
  • Strategy Partners (SPs) are consultancy companies that advise businesses on the right pricing strategies for them and how to optimally use the Pricefx platform to realize their pricing goals. This partner type is rarely involved in implementation.  
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) or Technology Partners, are software vendors like SAP or Oracle that extend the capabilities of their own product with Pricefx features. By having connectors and add-ons to Pricefx built into their solution, ISVs enable a smooth and effective user experience on the Pricefx platform.  


Companies aren’t limited to one partner type to support them. We find it’s common for our customers to mix and match partners (for example, take advantage of both a system integrator and a strategy partner) to respond to specific business needs.  

How Partners Are Selected for the Advantage Partner Program   

Choosing partners within the Advantage Partner Program is a mutual selection process: we find the best implementation and strategic partners in the pricing space and businesses make a choice that works best for them.  

When selecting a partner to join our ecosystem, we seek out those with known pricing expertise and experience, whether that involves pricing software, industry-specific knowledge, pricing strategy, or a combination. To select the most appropriate partner for their needs, businesses can refer to our partner list on our website to easily filter by partner type, specialty, industry, or location. Partners with industry-related capabilities will be especially useful for companies in niche enterprises with unique use cases.  

As we mentioned earlier, businesses are free to choose more than one partner to work with – in fact, we recommend this approach, as it allows you to get the most out of our partner ecosystem’s breadth of expertise.  

Benefits of the Advantage Partner Program for Companies  

The Pricefx Advantage Partner Program brings a number of advantages to companies looking to achieve the quickest time-to-value from a software solution. Here are just a few benefits your business can expect when working with a pricing software partner: 

  • Change Management Support: When your business decides to make the move from its legacy system to pricing software, it’ll require a lot of support to ensure a quick and seamless transition period, which is a level of attention a software vendor may not always be able to meet to the same degree as software partners. What’s more, our larger partners have both global and local hubs that make rolling out the solution on the ground that much easier.  
  • Pricing Industry Knowledge: Regardless of their niche, our partners know the ins and outs of pricing software and apply that expertise when helping businesses use Pricefx in the most optimal way relative to their goals. 
  • Cost and Timing Efficiencies: The wide-ranging skillset afforded to your business once partners support your pricing project ensures that your Pricefx solution is up and running quickly and easily, and at a fraction of the cost. 
  • Greater Scalability: The Pricefx partner ecosystem has a large global presence, with contacts across most time zones and regions, making it possible for your company to extend its implementation efforts across multiple countries with around-the-clock partner support.  

In short, businesses can take advantage of the pricing expertise and accelerated time to value afforded to them by working with any of the partners we’ve carefully vetted to support them. 


Resources Available in the Advantage Partner Program  

Both end users and partners can choose between a diverse set of Pricefx training modules to deepen their proficiency of the solution.  

Included in this are a number of training paths designed for partners to become certified in Pricefx, offered namely to configuration and integration engineers, that build out the skills required to implement Pricefx successfully.  

n case partners requires additional support from Pricefx during your collaboration with them, our partner management or training teams are always available to connect them with additional resources.  


How to Choose the Right Partner for Your Business 

As you’ve seen, our Advantage Partner Program works together with your business to accelerate time to value in implementation, integrate your 3rd party systems seamlessly with the solution, and guide you in the right direction to make the most of the tool relative to your business goals.  

If you’re ready to take the next step and work with a partner, you’ll need to make the right choice in the partner selection process to get the most value out of the program. Consider checking out our guide below on how to choose the right software partner for you, which includes real-world case studies and a deeper dive into the benefits of each type, so your business can make an informed decision.  

Steve Haskin

Senior Channel Alliance Manager in Ecosystem , Pricefx

Steve Haskin has over 20 years of progressive experience in pricing technology and building and managing top performing global sales & marketing alliances. His background ranges from early-stage San Francisco startups to global enterprises. Steve has been with Pricefx for more than 3 years after 9 years in Private Equity. His first-hand knowledge of the benefits of a world class ecosystem has helped Pricefx build a unique affiliation of partners.