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Career Growth is not just a buzzword! Our Training Guru Alina Shares her story.

October 6th, 2023 (Updated 02/14/2024) | 4 min. read

By Pricefx

Have you ever wondered if Pricefx offers flexible career growth opportunities, but were too afraid to ask? If you are not too shy to say virtual “yes”, let me introduce you to Alina, who shares a story about her professional growth with Pricefx.

Pricefx is not just a market leader with our Profit-Increasing Pricing Software solutions, but we are also well known for having a numerous opportunities for professional growth for our employees.

Our Pricefx team is full of unique stories, and today we’ve got a really good one to share. We’ve had a sit-down with Alina, our Business  Training Specialist who loves helping others learn the ins and outs of our solutions. You will learn about her personal journey with us, from her start in the hospitality industry to finding her passion in training.

Can you tell us about your role at Pricefx? 

As a Business Training Specialist at Pricefx, my role is centered around educating our partners, new hires, and customers about our solutions. I give them a high-level overview of our major capabilities and how they can use them in their daily tasks. Most of our trainings are conducted online, though sometimes we travel for on-site sessions. 

You have a background in education and training. How has your previous experience shaped your role at Pricefx? 

My journey started in the hospitality industry where I spent five years, during which I discovered my love for training and information delivery. I carried this passion over to Expedia where I became a knowledge base expert and team lead, and later to SAP Ariba in project management and consulting roles. These experiences made me realize that training is more than just a job to me; it’s something I’m personally very interested in. 

What are some strategies you use to engage people during online training sessions? 

My main goal is to keep it simple, interactive, and enjoyable. I minimize the use of PowerPoint presentations and instead encourage them to explore the system hands-on. I try to create a safe space for questions, and I add a little bit of humor to make the session relaxed and fun. 

Can you compare your experience working at SAP and Pricefx? 

Both SAP and Pricefx have amazing teams. However, the key difference is the product. Pricefx is a new generation product, intuitive and easy to use. On the other hand, SAP Ariba, being almost 30 years old, is heavier and not as intuitive. 

How would you describe the culture at Pricefx? 

Pricefx has a friendly and supportive culture. In the last seven months that I’ve been here, I’ve always felt welcomed and supported. This kind of environment makes working here truly enjoyable. 

Has anything surprised you since joining Pricefx? 

The complexity and depth of the pricing industry were a surprise. Understanding the basis of pricing, how to interpret pricing waterfalls, and learning about different strategies companies use to gain profit has been a fascinating journey. 

How do you take advantage of the level of flexibility at Pricefx, such as remote work? 

I enjoy the flexibility that Pricefx offers. I usually work from home unless I’m conducting trainings, during which I prefer to be in the office. This flexibility allows me to maintain a work-life balance, giving me time to work out, spend time with my pets, and enjoy time with my husband. 

What are your career plans at Pricefx? 

As of now, my main focus is to learn and become highly proficient in my current role. I believe there will always be opportunities and if I find a role that I’m a great fit for, I’d definitely consider it. 

Are you curious, if there is more people like Alina at Pricefx? Of course, there are and you can read some more testimonials, which will give you a better idea about career development at Pricefx and the flexibility we offer.


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