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Meet Petr: From Configuration Engineer to Product Owner 

October 6th, 2023 (Updated 11/08/2023) | 5 min. read

By Pricefx

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Embarking on a career path that pivots from deep technical roles to business-oriented positions is no easy feat, especially in a company with the product so complex, as ours. A lot of people are afraid to dig deeper into it, however, our Product Owner Petr wasn´t.

Today, we sit down with Petr who embraced this journey, which demanded resilience, a learning mindset, and the courage to step outside his comfort zone.

Can you give us a brief overview of your career progression from Configuration Engineer to Product Owner, detailing the various roles you’ve held? Which of these was the most challenging? 

I began my career as what you could call a ‘standard Software Developer’, working with C++, Java, C#, and a variety of other technologies. Over time, I realized I desired something more than the solitary life of a coder; I started to see coding more as a means to an end, rather than an end in itself. My ambition was to shift closer to the business side of things, focusing more on value creation. This was when I stumbled upon an opportunity at Pricefx for a Configuration Engineer position. 

My career progression at Pricefx can be best described as a gradual shift from tech-focused roles to more business-centric ones. Although I still enjoy indulging my tech-savvy side, I’m drawn more towards the business aspect of the work now. 

Just like every job, each role at Pricefx came with its unique set of challenges. For most Configuration Engineers transitioning from Software Developer roles, the increased exposure to customers and connection to the real world can be quite daunting, and it was no different for me. However, I embraced these challenges and was soon entrusted with my first project as a Solution Architect. 

Can you share your experience handling your first project as a Solution Architect? 

My initial project as a Solution Architect was an important milestone in my career. Despite some hiccups at the outset, with tremendous support from the team, we managed to steer it towards success. This opportunity allowed me to prove my mettle in this role and build relationships with a diverse group of people, both internally and externally. 

How did your role evolve from Solution Architect to becoming a Product Owner? 

With each project, my knowledge and experience increased, creating a pattern of successful implementations. However, the constant exposure to familiar scenarios made me yearn for fresh challenges. This motivated me to step into the role of a Product Owner – a role that allowed me to apply my field experience for the continued growth of Pricefx. This transition was not without its challenges; the responsibilities and impact of a Product Owner differed greatly from those of a Solution Architect. As a Product Owner, my individual impact might be less immediate, but it influences all Pricefx customers simultaneously, requiring a slight shift in mindset. 

What were some of the new skills or competencies you had to acquire as you transitioned to the role of Product Owner? 

Transitioning into the role of Product Owner meant stepping into the unknown. Fortunately, the bulk of the job shared similarities with that of a Solution Architect, albeit on a larger scale and with longer timelines. I had to become more structured, follow more processes, and adapt to a different perspective of customer interaction. 

Could you elaborate on how your previous experiences at Pricefx have shaped your approach as a Product Owner? 

With my firsthand experience in the field, I am not hesitant to voice my concerns or suggestions. I constantly remind myself and my team about our product’s unique selling point: its flexibility and configurability. I believe in the value of collaborative work and complementing each other’s efforts to ensure our customers’ success. 

How has Pricefx supported your career growth, and what resources proved most helpful? 

The supportive culture at Pricefx has played a crucial role in my career progression. The people here genuinely care, creating a positive environment of mutual learning. I was always granted the opportunities I sought, allowing me to continuously grow and learn. Lastly, I must mention my wife who has been a pillar of support, providing advice, encouragement, and a listening ear whenever needed. 

How have you evolved since you first started at Pricefx? 

If you were to ask others, they might tell you that I’ve become more vocal and proactive. I talk more (much more) then I used to. I’ve learned to shake off my shyness and take the initiative to get things done. This newfound confidence has even translated into my personal life, aiding me in handling everyday situations with ease. 

Could you share an instance where you felt you made a significant difference at Pricefx? 

Looking back, I can confidently say that my first project as a Solution Architect was a turning point. Despite a rocky start, our team was able to turn things around, mend the relationship with the client, and successfully get the project on track. I endeavor to make a difference every single day, whether it’s providing insight or advice to a colleague or customer, or assisting with tasks. I believe making a difference, no matter how small, is integral to my nature. 

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