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What motivates Pricefx alumni to return to Pricefx after trying their luck elsewhere?

January 19th, 2024 (Updated 02/14/2024) | 5 min. read

By Pricefx

Have you ever wondered, what is the approach of Pricefx to our alumni who decide to come back after some time? In an innovative and flexible software company like ours, it is no tabu.

 It is believed that only the best companies have the ability to attract some of their ex-employees back after they have explored further opportunities elsewhere. Pricefx has a history of returning colleagues, who bring back some fresh know-how and ideas.

Today, we have the pleasure of catching up with Honza Kadlec, our accomplished Senior Integration Engineer at Pricefx. After a two-year hiatus, Honza returned to us happy to share his experience. Let’s explore his insights, understand what brought him back, and uncover his appreciation for life at Pricefx.

Juggling Data: The Core Role of an Integration Engineer 

As an Integration Engineer in the dynamic world of Pricefx, my role is comparable to that of a skillful juggler. I facilitate the flow of data between Pricefx’s diverse systems and applications, both internally and for our clients. It means making the connections between various software components to ensure superior performance. 

A few years ago, I made a conscious decision to take a break, exploring other professional pursuits and spending time with family. Yet, Pricefx’s unique environment and their focus on personal growth kept calling me back. It’s a place that encourages authenticity, which is hard to find these days. 

The Swiss Army Knife Philosophy 

At Pricefx, you are more than a cog in the wheel; you’re more like a Swiss Army knife. Unlike large corporations, where employees are confined to specific tasks and assignments, things are quite different here. Since we engage in direct negotiations with the customers themselves, it’s a two-way street of listening and being heard. This cooperation forces you to be creative and practical when developing suitable plans that can be carried out effectively for everyone involved. 

The collaboration and independence at Pricefx is something I truly value. As employees, we try to bring a range of solutions to the table, maximising our potential rather than using just a fraction of our skills. We work together, playing multiple roles, contributing collectively to deliver our products. Technical expertise matters, but being a good person and a responsible part of the team is equally important for success here, otherwise it just wouldn’t work as well as it does.  

The Pricefx Ethos: Trust and Independence 

A lot has changed in the last two years. The company has grown significantly, certain tools have evolved, but the ethos remains the same. Pricefx was and still is all about trust and independence. They grant you the space to manage your work on your terms, without anyone hovering over your shoulder. There’s a strong sense of mutual respect and understanding; whether it’s establishing connections to servers, setting things up, or scheduling your work hours, it’s all in your hands. All they ask in return is that you remain responsible and dependable. Pricefx’s unwavering faith and flexibility set it apart. 

Working at Pricefx is an escape from monotony, with non-stop challenges that keep us constantly learning and evolving. Each client’s system presents a unique puzzle, which means there’s always an interesting problem to solve or situation that needs a clever fix. One client we had came to us with a massive amount of data that should’ve taken an entire day to load. Through ingenuity, we came up with a ‘groundbreaking’ data pump that cut the processing time to just minutes. Today, this remains the gold standard for our clients with large data volumes. 

Collaboration is key at Pricefx for implementing and resolving integration issues. Each project becomes a joint mission, bringing together various teams for quick communication and effective implementation. 

When it’s time to put our integration to the test, our customers are involved and become our trusty partners. They’re the ones letting us know if our data work is functional and meets their criteria. It’s this collaborative rhythm that keeps us on the same page and ensures our customers’ satisfaction. 

A Work-Life Balance Paradigm 

And the flexibility at Pricefx? It’s so important to us all. Whether it’s rearranging my work schedule to fit in my paragliding hobby, picking up my kids from kindergarten, or being there when they’re sick, work life balance is never a problem here. Of course there are some tasks that are better handled in the evening, and so they are. But the next morning, you might just catch me out there, tending to the lawn and enjoying the fresh air. 

So, you see, at Pricefx, we’re not just about software integration; we’re about integrating work and life in a harmonious balance. 

Even though you might not be a returning ex-colleague of ours, you now have a better idea about how we approach such a situation, which without a dispute, can happen to some of us during the course of our careers.

In case you would love to work for an open-minded and innovative company like Pricefx, do not hesitate to head to our Career pages to discover, what adventures we have prepared for you!


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