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Facing the Facts: Foodservice Industry Forecasts 4.9% Growth in 2022*

COVID-19 continues to shake up the food industry. But Perdue Farms' focus on sustaining growth by finding new ways to sell to consumers is a good move. A cloud-native digital pricing solution can help by automating lower-value tasks, unlocking key insights, and driving growth. Especially right now, as the fight for manufacturing capacity to meet surging retail demands threatens the restaurant and hospitality sectors. With margins continuing to dwindle, your first instinct may be to cut costs. But is this the best move? Before we talk about a better strategy, let’s look at the margin leaks that may be taking a bite out of your bottom line.

*According to the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association

A Foodservice Industry State of the Union

External Factors Gobbling Up Profit

Unstable supply and demand, strained supply chains, increased protein demands from China – these are all factors that are out of your control. Here are a few more factors that are likely impacting your margins right now.

  • Currency Fluctuations
    Exchange rate fluctuations and a decline in export and import activity are having an effect.
  • Commodity & Energy Fluctuations

    Energy and commodity price fluctuations and raw material shortages are creating slowdowns.

  • Increased Safety Requirements

    Huge undertaking and cost to accommodate new food safety and sanitization measures.

  • Labor Disruptions

    Despite a big win for workplace health, increased employee illness may continue to be an issue.

Internal Factors Possibly at Play

These are the common factors at many companies, regardless of industry, that cut into profits. You might spot a few familiar ones.

  • Lack of True-Cost Awareness

    Discounts. Commodity increases. Marketing spend. Are you really keeping track of all the costs?

  • Rebates A Mystery to Sales

    A sales team who doesn’t understand the rebates your company offers could lead to lost revenue.

  • Lack of System Integration
    You can’t get accurate data for all sides of your business if your systems don’t work together.
  • Slow & Inaccurate Customer Quotes

    A lack of goal alignment between departments can impact how fast your sales team can quote.

Minimizing Loss and Improving Margins.

Yes, Even Now

Before you jump to discounting your prices, consider this. A recent McKinsey study found a 1% increase in price (if demand stays consistent) increases operating profit by an average of 8.7%. The opposite also holds true. So what can you do instead?

Start with data. Get a clear understanding of where money is leaking and exactly how much revenue is gained from every transaction.

Gather intelligence. Avoid the hype and rely instead on what your customers are saying.

Don’t rush to drop prices. Pricing software can help you find weaknesses and opportunities.

Test for full visibility. Testing different market strategies shows you exactly how any small change will impact your bottom line.

Launch your strategy. Choose the best test strategy for your overall goals and circumstances.

What Your Foodservice Operators Want from You Right Now

One of the best ways to help your customers is to understand their mindset. Here are a few ways food operators are looking to respond and modify their business models post-pandemic.

  • Greater supply chain transparency and tracking to understand their supply chain and sourcing risks. This is a move many operators have already taken and will continue.
  • Increased focus on disaster planning, including contingency planning and risk mitigation.
  • Increased domestic and local sourcing to reduce the risk and dependency on foreign suppliers.
  • More partially cooked, ready-to-heat food solutions that lower labor requirements.
  • Stronger long-term relationships with suppliers to reduce risk and avoid costly changes.

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