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Extending Cloud Capabilities for SAP Software with Price Optimization

September 22nd, 2020 (Updated 06/20/2023)

By Garth Hoff

With markets constantly fluctuating in today’s digital economy, companies are looking for new ways to extend their cloud capabilities to respond to market changes faster and more efficiently.  

SAP clients can supercharge their digital transformation with price optimization by looking to SAP’s partner network for an endorsed, certified solution that integrates seamlessly into their current workflows and processes.  In addition to strong open platform integration capabilities, having an endorsed solution with pre-built and certified integration simplifies everyday use.   

Pricefx software delivers a 360-degree view of pricing – from gross to net – including advanced analytics and AI-based optimization.  This multi-dimensional view provides actionable guidance on customer health and margin opportunity, omnichannel price strategy and management, promotion, SPA and deviated pricing strategy, rebates and off-invoice incentives, ship-and-debit automation, sales incentives and more. This enables SAP users to eliminate margin leakage, reduce overhead and risk, and improve business agility all through a centralized, cloud-native platform. 

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Garth Hoff

Principal Pricing Solution Engineer , Pricefx

Garth Hoff, Pricefx, is an over 15-year veteran of the pricing industry.