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Pricefx Reviews: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly & Our Responses

February 13th, 2024 | 12 min. read

By Lukas Sirucek

Ever wondered how Pricefx navigates the world of feedback and reviews? It’s more than just a compilation of sentiments; it’s a compass guiding our dedication to continuous improvement. Our Pricefx reviews range from the stellar to the challenging and more demanding, offering a holistic view of our pricing software’s reception.

At Pricefx, these mirrors illuminate our commitment to excellence for our customers. Join us in exploring the diverse landscape of Pricefx reviews—celebrating the highs, addressing the lows, and navigating the complexities of feedback.

In this journey, we’ll unveil the good, the bad, and the ugly, but most importantly, we’ll share how these reviews catalyze our efforts to enhance your pricing performance with product improvements. Join us as we reveal how both critique and praise propels us toward refining a pricing software solution capable of optimizing your pricing strategies.

Why the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Pricefx Reviews Are All Critical

Reviews, suggestions, problems, and celebrations voiced by our customers form the cornerstone of our evolution at Pricefx. Good reviews and positive feedback serve as affirmations of our efforts, validating the effectiveness of our pricing software solutions. These accolades not only uplift our team but also spotlight the areas where our strategies resonate well with our users. They guide us in understanding what aspects of our software contribute positively to our customers’ experiences, inspiring us to maintain and expand upon these elements.

Please note that the reviews mentioned in this article are based upon information available on G2, a premier peer-to-peer review site where the business software and services reviews are based on user ratings and social data.


The “G2” trademark is owned by G2, and references to G2 are not intended to suggest affiliation with or endorsement by G2.


Nothing in this article is intended to suggest any affiliation with or sponsorship by companies other than Pricefx.

Conversely, bad reviews and critical feedback act as catalysts for growth and improvement. They provide invaluable insights into areas that need refinement or enhancement within our pricing software. Each critique is a stepping stone toward progress, prompting us to reassess, reevaluate, and innovate. By acknowledging and learning from these challenges, we transform them into opportunities for evolution. Every customer suggestion, problem encountered, or celebration shared becomes a pivotal input for our team, shaping how we respond and driving the implementation of changes within our pricing software. It’s through this constant dialogue with our users that we forge a path toward continuous enhancement and innovation, ensuring that our pricing solutions evolve in alignment with the ever-evolving needs and expectations of our customers.

We will not be going through every single review we have ever received here. Instead, we will look at some good and bad Pricefx reviews that have evolved into new functionalities to the Pricefx system and add value to our customers.

Learning from Constructive Criticism & Bad Reviews: 2 Examples

1.     Actionable Insights – Data Observations from Dashboards and Charts

As recently as February 2023, we received a 3 Star review (not bad but not great) from a. customer that was happy with the usefulness of our solution in terms of pricing logic and transparency, but they found a lack of flexibility in implementing changes to data tables.

In January 2024, we implemented a new version of Actionable Insights (after its debut in June 2023), a new Pricefx feature that continuously identifies gaps and opportunities and allows a user to choose the optimal course of action. It works by setting up “pattern” detections (based on any data threshold, period, or segment comparison) that trigger an action and a notification for the person in charge.

So new from January 2024, Actionable Insights’ data observations can now be set up from dashboards and charts.


Alongside that, another new functionality has been introduced that allows our customers to watch other existing data that can assist with their desired outcomes without being required to make data changes in tables.

To learn more about Actionable Insights, check out the handy video below:

2.  An Interface Adapted to Every Businesses’ Unique Needs

Improving the User Experience (UX) within Pricefx isn’t simply about addressing significant functionalities; it is about a comprehensive approach that incorporates even the minutest negative feedback. Nearly every element within our solution has been shaped by valuable feedback from our users. While some enhancements may appear minor in scale, their impact on usability is profound.

Take, for instance, the January 2024 release’s feature that allows rearranging and toggling visibility of columns in tables. Prior to this update, manipulating table columns was somewhat cumbersome (as evidenced by one of our customers in this May 2022 G2 review), lacking simple actions like multiple selections or drag-and-drop capabilities. However, based on extensive user feedback, we have reimagined this functionality, introducing a more intuitive and streamlined process. These seemingly minor alterations significantly enhance usability, offering users the ability to filter columns, perform multiple selections, and effortlessly rearrange their display—direct responses to our users’ expressed challenges.

Moreover, while certain improvements might seem insignificant internally, they hold immense value for our users. For instance, the customization options launched in January 2024 in Version 12 (Clover Club)—such as the inclusion of custom logos and the ability to modify header colors—may not directly relate to pricing or the user interface, yet they are monumental for businesses. Every enterprise organization desires to imprint its unique branding onto the applications they use. Providing the option for a custom logo and color palette caters to this need, allowing businesses to infuse their identity into the software. Though these changes might appear subtle from our end, they hold significant weight for our clients, promoting a sense of ownership and familiarity when their employees engage with our application.

This meticulous attention to user experience, even in minor features, plays a pivotal role in driving user adoption within our clients’ businesses. The enhancements, no matter how seemingly small, address specific pain points that users encounter daily, promoting greater ease of use and efficiency. By constantly refining and fine-tuning these details based on user feedback, we contribute to a more user-friendly environment, which, in turn, accelerates user adoption. As users find the software more intuitive and tailored to their needs, the learning curve diminishes, resulting in quicker implementation and usage—a factor that significantly reduces Return on Investment (ROI) times for our clients.

For those looking to dive deeper into how pricing software user adoption will help your business profit and how to get it, check out the handy article below:


Pricefx Learns from Good Reviews Too – SAP S/4 HANA Migration

At Pricefx, we listen to what our customers like too and try to improve upon it and make it better.

For example, one of the top Pricefx factors that our customers enjoy we read often repeated in our reviews (here is just one example) is that Pricefx is the only SAP Endorsed App for pricing.

What that means is that Pricefx enables SAP customers to fully realize the power of pricing. It integrates with pricing conditions stored in SAP® solutions, providing you with greater flexibility and pricing power.

But with SAP fully transitioning to SAP S/4 HANA by December 2027, Pricefx has proactively looked to help ease the migration process for our customers.

Pricefx integrations to SAP S/4HANA through SAP BTP Integration Suite are now available in the SAP Business Accelerator Hub and the Pricefx integration package Price Management with SAP S/4HANA has been officially certified by SAP. That means Pricefx now enables multiple enhancements and additional scenarios for Price Management & Optimization with a plug & play integration use-case.

To learn more about the benefits of upgrading from SAP ECC to the SAP S4/HANA Cloud, click here.

More Recent Pricefx Improvements Born from Customer Reviews

At Pricefx in 2024, the performance and engineering of the platform for our clients is a major focus, addressing the performance of our system this year for version 13 with a new database engine introduced for large data amounts. This has been born directly out of reviews from our large customers that have enormous amounts of data and/or possess millions of records to process.

What’s more, we’ve listened to our customers suggesting the need for a more detailed learning portal and tool diagnostics for performance reports and suggestions with the introductions of;

And in response to reviews directly relating to improving User Management of the Pricefx platform, we have added options for our customers to assign users groups and business roles to multiple users in the administrative area of the platform.

Other Ways Pricefx Collates Customer Feedback for Continuous Improvement

Beyond reviews, continual feedback is requested and encouraged through a variety of channels for Pricefx customers that enables us to make our solution as user-friendly as possible.

Within the Pricefx Solution: Submit Feedback

Whilst Pricefx end-users are logged on to Pricefx pricing software they can send feedback at any time by clicking on the logo in the user menu.

Through Platform Manager: Submit What You Want in the Pricefx Product

The Platform Manager is a hub for customers, primarily administrative or power users, to submit nuanced product requests and suggestions. This functionality allows for detailed descriptions, image uploads, and prioritization of their needs, empowering users to influence future product enhancements directly. Simultaneously, our application houses a straightforward feedback form, ensuring basic users have a voice in the evolution of our solutions. In the year 2023, the Pricefx product team delivered over 80 improvements (small to medium product enhancements) submitted by our end users, customers or on their behalf through Platform Manager.

Learn more about Platform Manager in the video below:

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey: Product Improvement

The Pricefx Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey serves as a vital platform for end-users to not only rate our product but also offer qualitative explanations, providing deep insights into their experiences and preferences. This two-step process involves users providing a score followed by a detailed written description explaining their choice.

This approach yields a treasure trove of feedback, often focusing on how the product has been configured for the customer or the internal processes, rather than solely on the product features. This emphasizes the crucial impact of implementation on adoption and user experience. Understanding this correlation highlights the significance of not just the product itself but also the nuances of its implementation within our customers’ systems, underscoring the importance of an optimized setup for a positive user experience and effective adoption.

Pre-Implementation Interviews with Pricefx End-Users

Pre-implementation interviews with Pricefx end-users are pivotal for effective deployment. For example, one recent instance involved a global enterprise that implemented Pricefx without consulting end-users, leading to post-implementation grievances about product configuration. They conducted extensive UX reviews and interviews with end-users to rectify these issues, emphasizing the importance of involving users early for a tailored solution.

Similarly, another leading corporation faced challenges due to inadequate understanding of end-user needs during Pricefx implementation. Learning from this, they began exploring opportunities to engage end-users through interviews, aiming to proactively align product configuration with user expectations.

These instances underscore the value of pre-implementation interviews, ensuring a more seamless adoption process and user satisfaction.

Pricefx User Group Monthly Webinars

In addition to other feedback mechanisms, our Pricefx User Group (PUG) stands as a pivotal source for refining our solutions. Any end user engaging with the application at least twice monthly gains access to this exclusive group.

With monthly themed webinars catering specifically to end users, around 100 active participants benefit from focused discussions on various functionalities like quoting, directly addressing the needs of application users. Moreover, they can contribute through a dedicated LinkedIn group, sharing diverse feedback and insights.

Importantly, this user group serves as more than just a platform for sharing; it is a key validation source for our ideas. We leverage this engaged user base to validate prototypes, conduct research, and engage in discussions about missing features and potential enhancements. Their inputs serve as a vital touchstone, directing our Pricefx product team and design efforts, ensuring that our solution evolves directly from valuable customer feedback.

Executive Roundtable

Exclusively in North America at this stage, similar to, but at a higher level than the Pricefx User Group, part of our diverse feedback approach involves an exclusive executive roundtable held quarterly in the US, where approximately 15 executives from our customer base convene. This platform is uniquely designed for these leaders to present their experiences, showcasing how they leverage Pricefx pricing software, facilitating shared learning among peers.

While we primarily facilitate these gatherings, the focus remains on customer insights and mutual learning, fostering an environment where they discuss their successes and explore potential directions. Through these discussions, organic suggestions naturally emerge, highlighting areas where our software could further support their strategic initiatives. This interactive forum not only enables valuable exchanges but also serves as a rich source for continual enhancements and improvements to better align with the evolving needs of our esteemed clientele.

Making Pricefx Better Together

Pricefx is committed to a collaborative journey with our users, leveraging their invaluable insights to refine and evolve our solutions. Through an array of channels—from reviews (good and bad) – to user groups and webinars to executive roundtables—we’ve fostered an ecosystem where feedback isn’t just welcomed; it’s cherished and acted upon. Our user-centric approach isn’t merely about responding to reviews; it’s about embracing continuous improvement through an ongoing dialogue.

Every suggestion, critique, or celebration fuels our determination to enhance user experiences and drive meaningful enhancements. As we navigate the landscape of reviews—be it the good, the bad, or the ugly—our responses aren’t just reactive; they’re proactive steps toward a better, more responsive Pricefx. Together, we forge a path towards innovation, where our users’ voices serve as the guiding force shaping the future of Pricefx. We’re not just improving a software; we’re crafting an experience plus new pricing functionalities and we’re doing it together.

To learn more about what are the top pricing functionalities our customers use every day, check this handy article below:


Meanwhile, Happy Pricing!

Lukas Sirucek

VP Product Management , Pricefx

Lukas Sirucek is the Pricefx VP of Product Management and is based in the Czech Republic. Lukas is a former developer, product owner and an agile leader, currently dedicated to working in an amazing software company and contributing to shaping it into the best pricing and optimization software in the world. And doing it all with a smile.