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What Are the Best Enterprise Pricing Software Options?

November 22nd, 2023 (Updated 04/18/2024) | 10 min. read

By Dr Martin Wricke

Chances are, if you have found your way here, your business has either outgrown your current pricing software or manual procedures, and/or is looking to add increased levels of pricing insights to your legacy pricing solution.  Welcome to the definitive guide on enterprise pricing software solutions!

At Pricefx, we understand the pivotal role pricing software plays in shaping the success of modern businesses. As a pioneer in the field, we have been honored with the title of the best enterprise pricing software for several consecutive quarters, according to G2.

But we are not here to bask in our achievements; we are here to empower you with knowledge. We believe that informed decision-making is the cornerstone of excellence, and that is why we are dedicating this article to exploring the top enterprise pricing software options available today.

Our commitment to delivering the best pricing software extends beyond our own platform. We recognize that every business has unique needs, and the pricing solution that suits one might not be the perfect fit for another. In the spirit of transparency and industry camaraderie, we are delving into the landscape of enterprise pricing software, shedding light on the top players, their features, and what sets them apart. Our aim is to equip you with the insights needed to make informed decisions, whether you are considering a new pricing software solution or simply curious about the latest innovations in the field.

So, let’s embark on this journey to discover exactly what sets enterprise-level pricing software apart and examine the top enterprise pricing software options together to help empower your business with the tools to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace.

What is Enterprise Pricing Software and How is it Different?

Enterprise pricing software is the heavy artillery in the pricing landscape, designed to address the unique challenges and complexities that larger organizations face. It is the orchestral conductor of pricing strategies, capable of harmonizing vast product catalogs, intricate customer segmentation, and dynamic market . Unlike smaller, retail-focused pricing software or niche ‘industry-specific’ products, enterprise pricing software operates at a grand scale, solving all main pricing processes from analytics, price setting, optimization, contracts, rebates and even CPQ. Enterprise pricing software can accommodate hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of products, numerous sales channels, and thousands of customers across different geographies and region.

What sets enterprise pricing software apart is its ability to handle the complexity of a broad product portfolio with multiple attributes, options, and configurations.


It thrives in environments where customer segmentation is multifaceted, enabling businesses to tailor pricing strategies to the unique needs and behaviors of various customer groups.

While smaller pricing tools may excel in more straightforward scenarios, enterprise pricing software thrives amidst the intricacies of global markets, diverse customer bases, and vast product offerings. It is like a multi-dimensional chess player, navigating pricing corridors, and optimizing strategies to maximize profitability across the entire . So, if your business operates on a grand scale, enterprise pricing software is your conductor for orchestrating pricing excellence on a grand stage.

Your Top 4 Enterprise Pricing Software Choices

Below are the Top 4 enterprise pricing software vendors that are designed for larger, enterprise businesses (based on G2 rankings for enterprise-level pricing solutions)

Note, some of these software vendors do not list their prices on their website, but they may offer you a free demo to learn how the tool can help you.

Please note that the reviews in this article are based upon information available to the public, including information gathered from publicly available reviews, rankings and testimonials. We suggest you also undertake your own research in order in combination with the information supplied below to reach your own decision.


Other company trademarks are owned by those companies and not by Pricefx. Similarly the “G2” trademark is owned by G2 and references to G2 are not intended to suggest affiliation with or endorsement by G2.


Nothing in this article is intended to suggest any affiliation with or sponsorship by companies other than Pricefx.

1.  Pricefx

Price: At Pricefx, the total cost of implementing pricing software starts at $100,000 and can go up to $1.5 million per implementation project. For more information, check out this article on How Much Does Pricing Software Cost

Description: We are not trying to oversell ourselves as the number one enterprise-grade pricing software option here or blowing our own trumpet. It is our customers and our rave reviews that have delivered us to this fortunate and happy position.

Over a decade ago, in 2011, we embarked on a journey to create what would become the first native cloud price management software independent of the legacy options of PROS, Zilliant and Vendavo. This endeavor was driven by a deep understanding of the market’s needs and a commitment to delivering flexible, self-sufficient, and user-friendly pricing solutions. We recognized that organizations like yours were seeking more than simply basic price management; they wanted a comprehensive suite of pricing tools that could support them throughout their pricing journey towards greater profit and pricing efficiencies.

Our vision led to the development of a platform that eliminated the need for users to navigate between various tools to manage their pricing effectively. The result? The pioneering native-cloud pricing platform that not only offers price management solutions but also encompasses analytics, channel management, quoting, sales support, optimization, and seamless integration with other essential tools like CRMs (Customer Relationship Management Systems), ERPs (Enterprise Planning Resource Systems). e-Commerce solutions, and Quote-to-Cash .

Pricing Functionality Includes:



Unique Value Points (Based upon information available to the public, including information gathered from publicly available reviews on G2):

Can Improve Upon:

2.  PROS

Price: N/A – Pricing information can be obtained directly from PROS

Description: Leader of the pack of the first-generation of pricing software with roots in on-premises pricing solutions rather than the cloud, PROS is a robust price optimization and analytics solution that offers seamless integration with your system. PROS first-generation, legacy business model drives a quality customer support set-up, ensuring that users receive the assistance they need to perform all their pricing tasks. While some vendors emphasize independence and self-sufficiency, PROS offers a knowledgeable and service-oriented support team ready to assist you at every step.

PROS streamlines your pricing processes and excels in facilitating effective communication of opportunities and challenges across different sectors within your enterprise. PROS empowers your organization to optimize pricing strategies, navigate complex data and transform it into actionable insights and foster collaboration, making it an asset for businesses seeking a comprehensive pricing solution.

Pricing Functionality:

  • Omnichannel price list management
  • Pricing governance and transparency
  • Real-time price delivery
  • CPQ
  • Price Optimization
  • Dynamic Pricing

Unique Value Points (Based upon information available to the public, including information gathered from publicly available reviews on G2):

Can Improve Upon:

3.   Zilliant

Price: Pricing information can be obtained directly from Zilliant

Description: Zilliant, another first-gen pioneer in the pricing software realm, traces its origins back to the early days of on-premises pricing solutions. Today, it serves as a viable choice for large enterprises seeking price optimization and management software.

With Zilliant’s suite of tools, users gain access to a comprehensive array of pricing capabilities, including price analysis, optimization, price list management, and support for quoting and negotiation. At the heart of its offerings lies the Zilliant Precision Pricing Suite (ZPPS), a powerful enterprise software. ZPPS combines innovative price segmentation and optimization science with advanced analytics and process automation tools, all designed to elevate your pricing strategies. For enterprises seeking a modern and efficient approach to pricing and in-house pricing scientists, Zilliant emerges as a formidable ally in the world of pricing software.

Pricing Functionality:

  • Price Management & Administration
  • Price Optimization
  • Deal & Agreement Management
  • Rebate Management
  • Market Pricing
  • eCommerce
  • Predictive Sales Analytics
  • Visual Analytics 

Unique Value Points (Based upon information available to the public, including information gathered from publicly available reviews on G2):

Can Improve Upon:

4.   Vendavo

Price: Pricing information can be obtained directly from Vendavo

Description: Vendavo, born as an early-generation on-premises pricing solution, has undergone a transformation into a cloud-based pricing platform. Today, it is empowering enterprise businesses with innovative pricing strategies, all within an eCommerce-centric framework.

With AI-driven processes now at its core, Vendavo delivers quality product configurations, real-time business insights, and improved win rates. It boasts an impressive toolkit that includes a profit analyzer, margin bridge analyzer, deal price guidance, and real-time business risk alerts.

Pricing Functionality:

  • Deal Price Optimizer
  • Price Management
  • CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software
  • Sales Optimizer
  • Margin Bridge Analyzer
  • Profit Analyzer
  • Business Risk & Sales Alerts

Unique Value Points (Based upon information available to the public, including information gathered from publicly available reviews on G2):

  • In recent times, Vendavo has improved immeasurably in the ease-of-use category on G2 (up to 7.7 in 2024)
  • In 2024 Vendavo has improved its CRM Integrations
  • Vendavo offers a risk management tool to help you learn from historical pricing behaviors in your transactional data and calculate optimized prices that maximize margin and minimize the risk of losing customers during the sales negotiation process.

Can Improve Upon:

Vendavo may require the AI to be tweaked with several time-consuming AI rules-based changes when dealing with multi-agent constraints and multiple synchronized pricing objectives. Check-ins with customer support staff may be required.

What is Your Enterprise Company’s Best Potential Pricing Software ?

Now you have a range of information to help your organization select the best possible enterprise level pricing software for your company’s needs.

At Pricefx, we have spent more than a decade listening to different enterprise companies about how difficult it can be to decide on a pricing software solution.

To that end, here are some direct head-to-head comparison articles that show you the difference between us and the other enterprise-level pricing software vendors listed above:

If you are still unsure of the total requirements that your enterprise business will need from your pricing software, check out the handy article that outlines the best criteria to consider when choosing pricing software for your company:


Happy Pricing!

Dr Martin Wricke

Co-Founder & Principal Product Advisor , Pricefx

Martin has over 15 years of experience in pricing and implementing pricing software in various industries. Before co-founding Pricefx, Martin was the global head of pricing at Döhler Group. He was responsible for establishing and running the pricing organization, developing new pricing concepts and managing price calculation. Martin is the author and co-author of numerous articles in the area of pricing. Martin is a regular speaker at pricing conferences and events.