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Who is Pricefx and What Do We Do?

December 17th, 2021 (Updated 03/10/2023) | 7 min. read

By Ken Edwards

You have probably seen a video or article in the small and niche world of pricing companies and wondered to yourself, “Who is Pricefx and what do they do?” Could our suite of pricing solutions be the key to your margin erosion, revenue stagnation, or time-saving problems to name a few?  

Well, you’ve come to the right place to get an answer to your questions.  

Simply put, we’re the leading end-to-end pricing software, native cloud-based, and powered by the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).  

And it’s not just us tooting our own horn; you can find out more from our customers’ success stories and reviews and awards we’ve won here 

We’ve assisted businesses to improve margins, increase revenue, quote quickly and efficiently, deal with rampant raw material price rises, inflation, and price fluctuations in real-time. All while building price optimization efficiencies across organizations. That doesn’t necessarily mean we are perfect for every company. However, the chances are if you’re a large enterprise business with multiple product lists and a diverse and regionalized customer base, Pricefx could be exactly what you’re looking for. 

If you are looking to discover if we are the answer to business and pricing-related challenges, then read on!  

What Pricefx Does 

What’s worse than having found the perfect solution for a problem? Having to find another solution to solve a similar but related problem just a few months after. That’s why our platform was built with the entire pricing process in mind. From price management to off-invoice discounts, you can use one solution to tackle everything that matters to you and your organization. 

What’s more, whilst we are using some very nerdy technology, we have made it a point of making our software as easy-to-operate and as intuitive for you and your team as possible, including easy-to-read dashboards that can be customized using your company’s unique data set.  

Let’s break down the many functionalities of the suite of solutions you can use to solve the most pertinent pricing-related challenges. 

Pricing Analytics

Consolidate your data and analyze every aspect of your pricing strategy to discover what helps you to improve win rates, gain customer insights, identify more opportunities, and above all, increase your margins and profits.

Price Setting  

Set and manage your prices in real-time, with AI optimization, that allows you the flexibility to adapt your approach and use price-setting as a profit maximization tool. 

Price Building 

Organize your price lists into segments, create unlimited price calculations and simulations to quickly test and define your pricing policies based on your unique and critical business factors to maximize profitability. 

Price Optimization with AI and Machine Learning 

Future-proof your company’s market position with price optimization. Your data may currently be locked in soiled systems and your sales team may not have the information at hand to defend prices sent by your customers. 

Pricefx’s pricing optimization is enhanced by AI and ML for data to flow easily and quickly so you can make accurate and fast pricing decisions. Confidently outline pricing strategies that your sales team and decision-makers can get behind and champion. 

Price Management 

Weaponizing your data to produce more profit and protect margins with AI-powered, integrated, and powerful price management software means your system will learn and become smarter over time. Meanwhile, it will also continue to drive your automated current pricing decisions based on historical sales and real-time data.  

Rebate Management  

Take the guesswork out of your discounting and manage all your rebates to clients, promotions, and special pricing from one place. Regardless of the level of complexity, based on structures and on-invoice conditions, merge the information resting in your back-end ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems such as SAP, Oracle, etc. with Pricefx pricing software. 

Channel Management 

Use a ship & debit claims management tool to guarantee long-term savings and customer satisfaction. Implement a quick and efficient claims management process to reduce errors and miscalculations, decreasing turnaround time and improving transparency – while delivering cost savings for all parties. 

Quote Management 

Allow your sales team to respond to quote requests faster, with higher accuracy and therefore, increased confidence to win more deals. Use error-free Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) capability to produce unmatched quote response times to sales inquiries through AI-enhanced pricing simulations and calculations. 



What Pricefx Does Not Do 

Just because you have all the Pricefx software tools in place, it doesn’t necessarily mean all your pricing ills will be instantly cured. Pricing is a living, breathing entity; always changing, always evolving and the rate of change of market conditions shows no sign of abating any time soon. With that in mind, you might want someone to help develop new strategies. While we have the expertise with decades and PhDs worth of experience to assist you, we are not a consultancy. But we do have partners that can support you with expertise in strategy, integration, independent software, and more. Check on the article link below.


What Others Say About What Pricefx Can Do 

If you would like unbiased and unfiltered feedback on what the Pricefx pricing technology can do for your business, check out these recent G2 reviews. 


For those looking to delve a little deeper into what Pricefx can do specifically for their clients, check out these case studies from three happy Pricefx customers; 

Streamline Omnichannel Pricing Strategies in Retail

As a leading electronics retailer with more than 1000 stores in 14 countries across Europe, MediaMarktSaturn turned to Pricefx to ensure optimal prices at all locations, at the right times, and for all customers at regional levels. Read how they did it 

Owens-Illinois (O-I Glass) – Quote Quickly and Efficiently

O-I Glass, a leading Fortune 500 company, required a tool that could help them evolve an accurate data-driven global pricing strategy with the power to price and quote quickly and accurately, yet still reflect their regional business needs. Check out how they succeeded with the help of Pricefx 

Ticketcorner Leveraged Dynamic Pricing to 10X Increase in Bookings 

Ticketcorner operates as a ticket-selling organization for 70 ski resorts in the Swiss Alps. Ticketcorner required a system to shift their pricing from manual input to automation and base prices upon real-time changes in market conditions, including the weather. Read the Ticketcorner – Pricefx success story. 

Danone – Transform and Optimize Your Pricing in 6 Months

Danone Brazil is part of Danone S.A. (also known as Dannon), a leading multi-local food and beverage company building on health-focused and fast-growing categories. They transformed their pricing in just 6 months to save time on various pricing tactics by 33% in some cases. Learn more about Danone.

Now That You Know Who Pricefx Is and if We Are a Good Fit for You – What’s Next? 

Now that you know who Pricefx is and what they do, you will no doubt be looking to delve deeper. Or on the other hand, you may have decided that Pricefx might not be what your company is looking for.  

Wherever you land in the decision-making process, a range of additional factors may influence your uptake of using technology to leverage prices to enhance your company’s profit. You will probably need to consider if you have the internal resources to take the next step, so check out this article;  



Or if you have already made up your mind that Pricefx is the solution for your automated pricing technology needs…….. 






Ken Edwards

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